Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

From Cee:  This challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.

This first one was really confusing. It was a one-lane driveway next to an office. I think if they mean “two-way traffic,” they’d be better off without any arrows at all!2017-01-06-whichway_fotor

Not sure if you can tell or not but those are flowers straight ahead in a small cemetery! So better choose a direction!2016-10-08-cemetery_fotor

Scene of a nightmare — Atlanta, in the rain, at dusk, in 5:00 p.m. weekday traffic.  Shudder!2015-11-18-atlanta_fotor


Color Your World – Brown

My last post was all about the snow! Today, it has all disappeared and in its disappearing left almost everything BROWN!


This is one of our neighbor’s friendly horses, Cisco!


And here’s a friendly brown bear from our summer marketplace!


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A Photo a Week Challenge: Fresh


We knew it was coming. Gosh, I think half the country was already covered. It began slowly here, stopped for a while, and then really came down over night! And, to think, I slept through the whole thing! 😛

I took this one on the way home from running errands yesterday. I thought it was fascinating how there appeared to be just a light dusting across the tops of the hills. I couldn’t figure out the demarcation line that appeared to designate the end of the snow at that altitude!  All you scientific or knowledgeable people can stop laughing at me now; it was not a shadow but actually the end of the snow!

A dusting of snow with a cloud cap!

A dusting of snow with a cloud cap!

This next picture was taken early this morning from our balcony looking out across our driveway.  Yeh, I can’t see it either! What a greeting. I must admit everything looks so beautiful and fresh! It’s also cold (for here).  I don’t mind this because I know it will be gone by the first of the week as temperatures are predicted to begin climbing and reach the 50s and 60s by the end of the week!

Our first snowfall of 2017!

Our first snowfall of 2017!

Say, wait a minute! I just saw two ROBINS out my office window. Does that mean?….. Could it possibly be?…. Spring is almost here??? (Yes, I have at times been accused of being a dreamer!)



First, let me wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m linking this to Cee’s Flower of the Day!

I’m really feeling the end of spring and summer and the arrival of winter. I know and expect the seasons to change. Why, the changing seasons is the one thing I kept saying I missed the whole time I lived in Florida. Now, springtime was amazing here. Summer was fantastic here. Even Fall was beautiful — even though I knew what it was ushering in! And now they’ve disappeared.  So, now that Christmas is over, bring on the Spring and Summer! But since I must be patient, I’m posting some of the flowers we have enjoyed at our new home over the past spring and summer seasons.

Although we haven’t yet gotten into the really cold and snowy days yet (coming soon, I’m sure), all the plants and trees around me are dormant (look dead) and I really miss the beauty (and the warmth) of spring, summer, and fall. So, to bring a little sunshine into this new year, I’m posting a bunch of the flowers we discovered here at our new house this past year. I have no idea what most of them are called. If anyone feels so inclined to enlighten me, please feel free to do so! 🙂



















On a bush

On a bush






One lone Sunflower among the Dahlias

One lone Sunflower among the Dahlias

Day Lily

Day Lily

September - first changing leaves

September – first changing leaves

Goodbye Sweet Pippin

It has been too long since I have posted anything and I am extra sad to return with this post. But I must pay tribute to one of the sweetest little creatures ever to have walked the earth.

You took your last breath at 5:45 a.m. on Monday, October 3. We’re not sure what transpired to have you leave us so soon. We were not ready. You are missed but now you are with all your furry little siblings who have gone before.

I remember the first day you came to us. I was in the house and suddenly Bobby (our Boston Terrier) and Emmy (our Maltese) started raising such a ruckus in the living room. I looked out the picture window to see what was the matter. There on the sidewalk in front of the window sat a forlorn, skinny, little Poodle just looking at the two dogs inside. I was afraid if I went out, he would run away from me. But I had to take that chance. I walked outside and spoke softly to you. You walked over to me and rolled over. I was completely smitten. But you were covered in burrs and fleas. Something had to be done. So I took you into the garage and you let me bathe you and cut those burrs out of your hair.

Shortly after that, we began the search for your parents.  I just knew someone had to be looking for you. We posted pictures and went to all the vet clinics within several miles. I got very upset at one clinic when the tech sneered and said, “I saw that dog hanging around my neighborhood for a week.” I went ballistic.  Needless to say, that vet clinic lost any business from me and mine. But I digress. We notified the Humane Society and Animal Control. After a couple of weeks and no reports or inquiries regarding missing Poodles, you became ours. I think by that time, I probably wouldn’t have given you up even if someone had come looking. 😛

You fit right in from the start. You were always the sweetest and most loving little dog. You will always be in our hearts and in our minds. We look to the day when we can all be reunited in Heaven.




2015-04-16 Pippin_Fotor





Caturday Art Blog Hop



This is the original of Midge, my oldest (15). It’s one of those not very good blurry photos but I think it looks cool as the charcoal drawing!Midge_Fotor

Simply edit photos of your pets or any animal using one of the many free photo editors available online, or any editing program you like. Enjoy creating and sharing arty photos of your pets. Or if you like to draw or paint animal pictures instead you can share those too.