Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro

Goodness me, it’s been a while since I’ve participated in one of Sally’s challenges. I’m way overdue! With this being the second Monday of the month, the challenge is MACRO. These were all taken with my iPhone5! To participate or to see more entries, please click HERE.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge and Sunday Trees

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge (COB) is all about those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.

Statue placed by Orlando Universal Resort at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, while under construction in 2014, downtown Orlando, Florida, across from my office at the time.

The next two photos, besides being Odd Balls are being used as part of Becca’s Sunday Trees!

Crooked/leaning tree.  Did you ever come across one of those pictures that you just can’t figure out why you ever took it in the first place?

I have absolutely no idea what kind of tree this is. It was taken in 2014 at Leu Gardens in Winter Park, Florida. I took it because it looks like gargantuan peanuts growing in the tree!

Nurturing Thursday

Becca at “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea” hosts this challenge each Thursday. I put this together as my contribution. The photo was taken in November 2015 atop Brasstown Bald Mountain in North Georgia. This mountain is the highest point in Georgia at 4,783 feet.  We visited here while up here seeking our new abode. This quote is a good one for me when I think back on that move!



A Photo a Week Challenge: Fresh


We knew it was coming. Gosh, I think half the country was already covered. It began slowly here, stopped for a while, and then really came down over night! And, to think, I slept through the whole thing! 😛

I took this one on the way home from running errands yesterday. I thought it was fascinating how there appeared to be just a light dusting across the tops of the hills. I couldn’t figure out the demarcation line that appeared to designate the end of the snow at that altitude!  All you scientific or knowledgeable people can stop laughing at me now; it was not a shadow but actually the end of the snow!

A dusting of snow with a cloud cap!

A dusting of snow with a cloud cap!

This next picture was taken early this morning from our balcony looking out across our driveway.  Yeh, I can’t see it either! What a greeting. I must admit everything looks so beautiful and fresh! It’s also cold (for here).  I don’t mind this because I know it will be gone by the first of the week as temperatures are predicted to begin climbing and reach the 50s and 60s by the end of the week!

Our first snowfall of 2017!

Our first snowfall of 2017!

Say, wait a minute! I just saw two ROBINS out my office window. Does that mean?….. Could it possibly be?…. Spring is almost here??? (Yes, I have at times been accused of being a dreamer!)