Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Architecture)

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in one of Sally’s challenges. I’ve chosen architecture this time. I just love the look of these two buildings.  These structures are side-by-side in downtown Orlando. The tall structure is the CNL Tower I and the door shown is the entrance to the Orlando City Hall.

I worked here for a number of years. I always liked the linear aspects of this building.2014-01-27 CNL_Fotor

Right next door was the Orlando City Hall. It sits in between the two CNL Towers. I always liked the geometric patterns at the entrance. And if you look closely at the circle at the top middle, you can see the reflection of the Bohemian Hotel from across the street.
2014-01-27 City Hall_Fotor

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Follow Him and Find New Life

Hallelujah—Hebrew for “Praise ye the Lord.” But what does it really mean? As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter, discover how this ancient exclamation of joy, hope, and love is a fitting summary of Christ’s incomparable mission—and His promise of new life for us all.

Easter is a time to remember all that Jesus Christ has done for us. It’s also a time to consider His simple invitation that has the power to transform us forever:

“Come, follow me.”

Please don’t leave without listening to the world’s largest virtual Hallelujah Chorus!
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Wishing each and every one of you a blessed and happy Easter!

The Catio

It’s been quite some time in coming. But here it is. In my opinion, the pictures just don’t do it justice. It came out so much better than I could have hoped! And the kitties are loving it. It still needs a few little additions for them. Maybe some shelves and toys and stuff. But they’re enjoying it and that’s all that matters to me!

The beginning

N. Georgia

Let the construction begin
2016-01-14 Catio Beginning_Fotor

Framing it in2016-01-20 Catio framing_Fotor

Up goes the siding
2016-01-26 Catio Progressing_Fotor

Painted and waiting for screens
2016-02-07 Catio needs screens_Fotor

Freckles and Maggie – Mortal enemies in Florida; best buds in Georgia
PLEASE, Mum, you’ve been saying for two months, it won’t be long now…
2016-01-27 Freckles & Maggie_Fotor

The finished product from the outside
2016-02-20 Front Finished Catio_Fotor

Finished (almost) product from the inside
There were four out of the seven enjoying their new catio when I went to take the picture
2016-03-12 Cats in Catio_Fotor

I still have things I want to add inside the catio for them. I’d like to put in more shelves and climbing thingees. And some sort of grassy area. But hubby and our contractor friend said that it’s probably too shaded to have any grassy section. If any of you out there are reading this and have any ideas and/or suggestions for any thing to add to the catio, they are more than welcome!

Hubby and our contractor friend felt that the catio needed one more thing to make it complete. And shown below is their suggestion. A neon sign.  Gee, do you think the neighbors would have anything to say? Oh, right guys. Laugh it up and just keep laughing.

Linda's Cat House

One Word Photo Challenge: Bed

This week’s word is BED!

I posted this picture once before quite some time ago but wasn’t focused on the bed so much! Okay, maybe it’s still not focused on the bed so much!


This next picture is not focused so much on the bed either! A few years ago, I began teaching myself how to crochet. The blanket in this photo was my third crochet project (and to date, my last). I’m hoping to get back to it. Since we now live in an area that has a winter with cold weather, there are numerous items that could be made and soon time to make them!

Crochet Blanket_Fotor_Fotor

This picture is just to show my muse for the colors for the blanket.


And last but not least, we have one of our winter flower beds. This is along a walkway from the drive to the porch. Maybe some of you plant people might recognize something and be able to enlighten me! There is a green bush in the bottom corner, followed by a rose bush (which looks completely dead to me but that may just be what they do), followed by a different green bush, followed by some kind of dormant (hopefully not dead) large curving branches bush, followed by what was a small strawberry patch. I’m anxious to see what, if any, blooms come out this spring. I’m probably repeating myself here, but I’ve been told that the flowers and trees are just gorgeous around here in the spring. So, come on spring! Bring on those colors!

Flower Bed_Fotor

One Word