Weekly Pet Share and Sunday Selfies

You might recognize this little guy. I used his picture as a backdrop for a quote I posted for Nurturing Thursday a couple of weeks ago.  He’s very shy but he now waits patiently almost every morning for me to bring him his breakfast.  He still doesn’t let me get near him.  I’ve tried just standing by my front door to photograph him up close but he won’t come up on the wall if I remain outside.  It’s so adorable the way he just peeks over the edge of the wall to make sure I’m “gone” before jumping up to eat.  The second photo and the video were taken while I was inside my house so the quality is not the best.  All were taken with my iPhone5.

I am greeted with this adorable face almost every morning!Shy Guy

And every morning, it’s the same routine. I’m required to leave the area and he makes sure I’m gone by peeking over the wall.Peeking Cat

Then when the coast is clear (he can’t see me anymore), it’s time to eat!



Weekly Pet Share

Sunday Selfies


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White

The third Monday at Lens and Pens by Sally is black and white.  I had my car into the dealership a few weeks ago for some work and this statue was in a corner of the waiting area.  It was taken with my iPhone5.


Then I took a few liberties with pho.to editing!


Then I really had some fun and made this gif.  Trouble is, I couldn’t get it to load as a gif on WP.  Oh, well, you get the idea.rain


One Word Photo Challenge: Autumn

Here in central Florida, we don’t get much of an autumn (or winter or spring for that matter!).  But sometimes there are tells like when the temperature averages about 20 degrees cooler than summer.  For example, our morning temps are in the 60s and afternoon highs are in the upper 70s.  And the humidity finally drops to livable. Here are some more autumn tells for central Florida:

This one is pretty much everywhere — PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS!!Pumpkins_Fotor

The changing of the leaves on the trees — okay, so there are no brilliant reds, oranges, or yellows.Autumn leaves_Fotor

And many of our trees shed their leaves and blooms this time of year, too!
autumn leaves2_Fotor

And, last but not least, all of the autumn decor appears everywhere! Of course, along with the autumn decor, come October we’re seeing Christmas decorations all in the stores now. sigh….scarecrow_Fotor

I must admit, though, after having grown up in Kentucky, I really do miss the bright colors of the fall foliage.


Happy Birthday, Dad! 1910 – 1987

This is a letter I wrote to my Dad back in the 70s when I was living in Utah and couldn’t get home to Kentucky. I felt bad that I didn’t have any money at the time to buy him a gift so I wrote him a letter (I was not a big letter writer back then). My mother told me later that it made him cry — but a happy cry. Wish I could celebrate with him today. His birth date was always so easy to remember — it was 10/10/10!


Birthday letter 001Birthday Letter 002

I actually wrote a blog post about Pinky.  You can read that one HERE.

Luther Paul Arthur2Luther Paul Arthur

So, Dad, even though you’re not here with me in body, you’re here in spirit and I miss you.

Nurturing Thursday



Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.
We grow old only by deserting our ideals.
You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt;
As young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear;
As young as your hope, as old as your despair.

– Samuel Ullman

For more inspiration, visit Becca’s blog “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”

DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Boundaries impose limits on us, whether they’re social constructs or real, physical objects. Having seven housecats and not wanting them to roam, our pool patio provides the perfect boundary.  Although I have caught all of them at one time or another, here is Nicky looking at me longingly to come out from his confines.


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