Life is full of surprises

I know better. I know one should never say “never”! But I did. At least twice. I said I would never sell my Florida house. I like the bird in hand. I also said I would never move north to a colder climate. 😛  Hubby talked me into listing the house for sale — just to see what might happen! Of course, it would be logical if we could get a certain price and find a smaller house we liked. 😛 Never thought it would happen. And we did like north Georgia (the Smoky Mountains) and had often talked about scaling down to a place in that area. Yeh, but, I meant I wanted to keep my Florida house AND have a summer home in the Smoky Mountains. Phhhht! 😛  Well, the lesson here is do not tempt God. He apparently has other plans than what I had. For he sent a buyer who really wanted our house. They made us an offer we realistically could not say no to. So, we immediately made plans to go house hunting in north Georgia. We went for five days and, lo and behold, we found a beautiful home in our price range, made an offer, and they immediately accepted it. Whoo, boy, we’re not in charge here. For whatever reason, the Lord wants us in north Georgia. So, we’re back in Florida now. We’re trying desperately to sort through 20 years of accumulation! The funny thing is, there’s not that much stuff that matters whether it goes with us or not (except, of course, our seven cats and one dog!). So, this coming weekend, we’re having a blow-out moving sale!

If any of you out there know a decent route from Orlando, Florida to north Georgia that completely bypasses Atlanta, please let me know. We will be transporting the animals with us and I don’t know if I can take the strain of Atlanta traffic again! It was a freakin’ nightmare!

So that’s my explanation of why I have not been posting! And that is why it will probably be a while before I get back into posting again. I will try to visit as I catch some time. By Christmas, we will be in our new home.

Out with the old:


In with the new:

N. Georgia

If I’m not back here posting before the Christmas holidays, let me take this time to wish each and every one of you a beautiful and blessed Christmas holiday for you and  yours! And if it takes me even longer to get back in the swing of things — HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

Nurturing Thursday

I couldn’t help but share this video that was shared with me. It has a great message and makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And my apologies in advance for those I have already shared this with!


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