Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Architecture)

Lens and Pens by Sally‘s 4th Monday is a Challenger’s Choice. I chose a couple of architectural photos I took a while back while next to Church Street Station in Orlando. The tall structure is the SunTrust Building where I once worked a long time ago! Do you have a preference on angle?

Orlando-Church St Clock 2

Orlando-Church St Clock


Life and Death Decision

Many of you who have been following my blog for a while have seen several posts in the past spotlighting my Nicky. I have a little story and a big rant and if any of you experienced cat people have any suggestions, it would be most sincerely appreciated.

2014-08-22 Nicky

I love this little guy. He wandered into my life sometime in late 2007. The vet estimated that he was maybe about 10 months old at the time. Sometime in 2009 he began to lose weight and started getting sick. We tested him and discovered that he had become diabetic. We tried him on the standard insulins available for animals but nothing was working and he was getting sicker. I was so afraid I was going to lose him. I did some research and came upon references to a human-use insulin called Lantus (insulin glargine) being used in insulin-resistant animals. And Nicky certainly qualified for insulin-resistant. We went from $12 to $98 for a vial of insulin that would last about two months.

Over the years, the price has increased exponentially. It was getting harder and harder to come up with the money and now that I’m on a fixed income, it’s nearly impossible. I have called organizations and I called the company. No one around here seems to have any programs that offer discounts or assistance for pets. I just refilled his insulin and it is now $278.00 (sticker shock indeed). Outrageous. I am so sick and tired of these huge pharmaceuticals  making people choose between life and food, or at worst, life and death. I just believe that this world has gotten so horribly greedy. I also believe there is a “special” place in hell for greedy people. I believe it is horrible that too many people have to make this decision regarding their pets because of money.

But don’t worry. Nicky has nothing to worry about because I will always choose life for an otherwise healthy, playful cat. I would never and could never put down a vibrant, loving animal that I took into my home and promised to care for for the duration of his life.  I made him dependent on me. How horrible it would be if now I turned my back on him in his time of need. He is a LIFE. He is one of God’s creatures.

I’m sorry for my rant. I usually really try avoiding getting personal on my blog. I’m usually not one to open up about my problems. My main purpose in writing this is to see if anyone else is dealing with anything like this. Sometimes other people have ideas or suggestions that might make a difference. I know there are a lot of bloggers on here who have multi-cat households or who deal with rescue agencies and I thought someone might have some suggestions.

Either way, Nicky and his cohorts who live in my home are here to stay and will be well cared for as long as I live and breathe! Thank you for listening and allowing me to vent a bit.

2009-10-09 Nicky_Fotor

Tummy Rub Tuesday

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One Word Photo Challenge: Wet

This week’s topic is Wet! If you want to share pictures of actual weather events do that! But you don’t have to. Share a photo of how rain makes you feel or what  you do during a snow storm. Share an image of your sunny day supplies or your emergency weather kit. Anything goes — it just has to make sense to you!

So, for me, rain it is. As we head into our hurricane season (thank goodness it has only been a rainy season in recent years!), it was coming down so fast and hard this week I had to grab my iPhone and take some pictures of the downpour. These were on our patio and the water was accumulating. I liked the way it was forming the splashes. Too bad my iPhone couldn’t really capture all I was seeing!

2015-06-08 Rain_Fotor

2015-06-08 rain2_Fotor