Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance

Krista on The Daily Prompt asks:  What are your earliest and fondest memories of dance?

So that got me all nostalgic again! So it was back to the old photos!

I don’t remember of ever really dreaming of being a ballerina; I just always loved to dance.  When I was three, my mother enrolled me in tap and ballet classes.  I don’t know how long I attended.  Not long enough.  It might have been because we moved.  Who knows.

I remember taking ballet classes again when I was around eight.  There were classes in the basement of the Marsh Hotel (click for earlier entry for story of the Marsh) where we lived in Van Wert, Ohio.


The next dance involvement I had was in high school.  When I was a junior (11th grade), a friend talked me into trying out for a girls’ marching drill team.  This was in Lexington, KY.  It was a high school program sponsored and operated by the County Recreation Department.  And was I happy when we made it!  We were the KY KADETTES.  I performed with them for two years.  My senior year, I was voted “Miss Congeniality” and appointed Captain.  I had two Lieutenants.  This was probably one of the best things I ever did as a kid!  I had more fun and it was good for me.  As the Captain, I was out front by myself, my costume colors were reversed from the others and, best of all, I was the one with the whistle!  When we were marching in parades, I would turn and march backwards, raise my baton and blow the whistle to signal the start of our routine.  I loved it.

The two snapshots below are the only pictures I have from those two years.  These costumes were obviously for  dance presentations rather than marching.  I can’t even remember exactly where we were performing for these. 

KY 1

KY 2

We did a lot of parades, a lot of half-time shows at basketball and football games.  Once we even did a performance at the Lexington Trots (horse surrey racing).  They said that ESPN was going to be filming and we might be shown on their show.  Well, I think we made the cutting room floor!  I never saw or heard about it being shown. 

I’ve lost touch with all my Kadette friends. I have no photos of any of our performances.  I really wish I did.  I tried to find some of the girls who were in the KY KADETTES with me but I’ve not had any luck in my search.  Oh, well.  It would be fun to connect up with them or find some pictures from then. 

After high school, I attended the University of Kentucky. One of the classes I signed up for was a modern dance class that our former coach/instructor from the KY Kadettes was teaching.  I also performed in a modern/jazz dance troupe that she choreographed.  I started out as a dance/physical education (P.E.) major.  After my first semester, I met with one of the college counselors about my major.  Darn if she didn’t convince me back then there was no future in P.E. unless I wanted to just teach. HAH.  Hindsight.  Good grief, who knows what I could have done with it!  Oh, well, guess it doesn’t really matter now!

Ds Designs All that Jazz linda

 I got this great graphic from Donna who used to be on AOL Journals with me a number of years ago.

Well, you know what they say – DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!!  That’s me!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

One aspect of this week’s challenge from the Daily Post:

In a nutshell, a three-picture story is a way to help you think about storytelling with images. To create a three-picture story, gather:

  1. An establishing shot: a broad photo of your subject.
  2. A relationship: two elements interacting with one another.
  3. A detail: a close-up of one part of your subject.

Saturday morning and we head out to run some errands. It was sunny and breezy when we left the house. Then about halfway through our running around, we ended up with one of Florida’s typical bet-ya-didn’t-see-that-coming days! So we finished up our errands in the rain. Shortly after returning home, the sun came back out and all cleared up for the day. Sigh, so typical! So, here’s some shots I took out the front windshield. Okay, so they weren’t taken in order. My first picture was taken on the way home in between rainfall!


Bet ya can’t tell that’s clouds behind the raindrops!

photo (2)


wp-photo-challenge logo

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Daily Prompt: New Sensation – Fad

From the Daily Post:  Ah, sweet youth. No matter whether you grew up sporting a fedora, penny loafers, poodle skirts, bell-bottoms, leg-warmers, skinny jeans, Madonna-inspired net shirts and rosaries, goth garb, a spikey mohawk, or even a wave that would put the Bieber to shame, you made a fashion statement, unique to you. Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.

Well, I did sport penny loafers, saddle oxfords, poodle skirts, bell bottoms, hot pants, leg warmers, etc. I just don’t happen to have pictures of all of them.  Some of them, yes, but I’ll spare you!  These old photos have faded terribly and I don’t have or know how to use any photo editing software such as Photoshop.  So, for now, these are as good as they get!

As you can see from the first photo, the style was the ever-popular polyester leisure suit. You can’t tell from the picture but my leisure suit was a bright burnt orange.  The second one shows the bell bottom jeans. Maybe not original but certainly up on the current style! Of course, I was wearing the ever popular “boat” shoes, now modernized and renamed such things as Wedges, Platforms, etc. The hair was the usual long, straight (as straight as I could get the waves) and parted in the middle! Ah, nostalgia…

Leisure Suit 1975

Leisure Suit 1975

Bell Bottoms 1975

Bell Bottoms 1975

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Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge: Song Title

The year was 1967. I was a senior in high school. There was so much fabulous music then — and it’s still popular today. I did like this song then and still like it now even though I could never claim it as a complete favorite. But I heard this song recently and it has not left my head since! And now Sonel has given me the chance to put it to paper and maybe get it out of my head! For those of you who are young, you may not figure out right away what I’ve photographed!



The next two were edited with Fotor



I’ve been Feelin Groovy (59th Street Bridge Song, Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon, 1967) with a little Laugh In thrown in for fun! (And, yes, I watched the original episodes of Laugh In, not reruns, and I have them on DVD!) Enjoy!




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Phoneography Challenge: Black & White

The third Monday of the month challenge from Lens and Pens by Sally is black and white.  I was in downtown Orlando in January on another Monday holiday and took this photo in front of City Hall.  The following is an excerpt taken from an article in the Orlando Sentinel on July 23, 2013 by Scott Maxwell:

…Florida officials celebrated news that the state’s homeless population is shrinking.

But not in Central Florida.

Here, it is on the rise.

Yes, the same Council on Homelessness report that found a 17 percent drop statewide cited a 29 percent increase in Orange County.


And a 50 percent increase over the last five years.

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Greyscale

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Greyscale

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Ruined Wall

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Ruined Wall

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: 50 years or older

I know, I know, this should be all about me. Well, it’s not! We were downtown recently for the monthly Cruz-n-Car show and I actually have quite a few “over 50” pictures. But I’ve chosen these (and they’re not cars!!).

This first picture is obviously an old tractor, date unknown. Behind it sits the object I really wanted to photograph but was unable.  It is a 1907 citrus sprayer.


This next photo is the hood ornament on a 1938 Chevrolet. The car had a beautiful pearly white paint job. The hood ornament is kind of plain compared to some ornaments, I think.

1938 Chevy

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