Sunday Stills – Macro or Close-up

This week’s Sunday Stills theme is “macro-anything.”  Macro photography is also considered close-up photography. However, using a true macro lens yields the sharpest, tiniest details whereas a closeup may not show each detail.  Since I only use my iPhone and I don’t have a macro lens to attach to it, I would call these close-ups!


Sunday Stills: Refreshing

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, sunny spring day for getting outside and taking a short hike to listen to the roar of Mother Nature. There were actually people in the pool at the base of the falls but I wasn’t willing to put my tootsies in that very, very cold water! So, I couldn’t get as close as I wanted!

Helton Creek Falls, Chattahoochee National Forest in Union County, Georgia


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Groups of Birds

This week on Sunday Stills, it’s pictures of four or more birds in the same picture. I must admit that using the “zoom” function on my iPhone5 is next to useless. To me, it just causes the picture to be too grainy. But, alas, to get close enough to a group of birds with an iPhone, just makes them scatter!

2014-07-12 Birds on Pier_Fotor

2014-07-12 Birds_Fotor

2015-01-01 Seagulls_Fotor


A Photo a Week Challenge: Profile; Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 66; and Sunday Stills: Pets

There are several challenges this past week involving pets. This is a picture of my first Great Dane, Caesar (1970-72). Sadly he died young. He was fabulous and I still miss him.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 66.

Nancy Merrill Photography’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Profile. Okay, I made this one about my pet!

Sunday Stills: Pets



Caesar & Me_Fotor


petchallenge logo

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Crowd Work

Ed from Sunday Stills says:  They say two’s company and three’s a crowd, let’s go a bit further this week. The challenge… pics with more than 5 people or animals or even birds. Have fun…..

All photos taken with my iPhone5.

Orange County Public Library, Orlando, FL

2014-02-08 DarthVader_Fotor_Fotor

Lake Eola, Orlando, FL

2014-02-27 Ducks-Swans_Fotor

Roman, Sarcophagus
Marble, 2d Century
Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park, FL

2014-05-10 Roman_Fotor

Lake Apopka, Winter Garden, FL

2014-04-07 Seagulls_Fotor


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Modify my Pic

Ed of Sunday Stills says:  So for this week all you do is download . . .the pic . . .so you can modify it to your hearts content. . .you can use different filters or applications to change the image, then resize it and post it as your submission for this weeks challenge.

Even though he says he’s having a tough time coming up with a new challenge, this one was pretty fun! I tried a couple of different things with his picture. I hope you find them enjoyable!

Ferris Wheel orig-resize

Ed’s Original


My two were edited on my iPad in Camera360.  I liked the first one because I thought it gave it an old timey feel.  The last one is just, well, it’s just, surreal?!

Ferris Wheel B&W


Ferris Wheel Fun


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Yellow

After suffering through computer issues, Ed has brought back the Sunday Stills, the next challenge, with this one being yellow. All photos were taken with my iPhone5 and slightly cropped in Fotor.


I think it's a Pansy -- I really don't know my flowers.

I think it’s a Pansy — I really don’t know my flowers.


Poison Dart Frog (Behind glass at the Central Florida Zoo)

Poison Dart Frog
(Behind glass at the Central Florida Zoo)


Monthly Cruz-N-Car Show Winter Garden, FL

Monthly Cruz-N-Car Show
Winter Garden, FL