Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge: Song Title

The year was 1967. I was a senior in high school. There was so much fabulous music then — and it’s still popular today. I did like this song then and still like it now even though I could never claim it as a complete favorite. But I heard this song recently and it has not left my head since! And now Sonel has given me the chance to put it to paper and maybe get it out of my head! For those of you who are young, you may not figure out right away what I’ve photographed!



The next two were edited with Fotor



I’ve been Feelin Groovy (59th Street Bridge Song, Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon, 1967) with a little Laugh In thrown in for fun! (And, yes, I watched the original episodes of Laugh In, not reruns, and I have them on DVD!) Enjoy!




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