Goodbye Sweet Pippin

It has been too long since I have posted anything and I am extra sad to return with this post. But I must pay tribute to one of the sweetest little creatures ever to have walked the earth.

You took your last breath at 5:45 a.m. on Monday, October 3. We’re not sure what transpired to have you leave us so soon. We were not ready. You are missed but now you are with all your furry little siblings who have gone before.

I remember the first day you came to us. I was in the house and suddenly Bobby (our Boston Terrier) and Emmy (our Maltese) started raising such a ruckus in the living room. I looked out the picture window to see what was the matter. There on the sidewalk in front of the window sat a forlorn, skinny, little Poodle just looking at the two dogs inside. I was afraid if I went out, he would run away from me. But I had to take that chance. I walked outside and spoke softly to you. You walked over to me and rolled over. I was completely smitten. But you were covered in burrs and fleas. Something had to be done. So I took you into the garage and you let me bathe you and cut those burrs out of your hair.

Shortly after that, we began the search for your parents.  I just knew someone had to be looking for you. We posted pictures and went to all the vet clinics within several miles. I got very upset at one clinic when the tech sneered and said, “I saw that dog hanging around my neighborhood for a week.” I went ballistic.  Needless to say, that vet clinic lost any business from me and mine. But I digress. We notified the Humane Society and Animal Control. After a couple of weeks and no reports or inquiries regarding missing Poodles, you became ours. I think by that time, I probably wouldn’t have given you up even if someone had come looking. 😛

You fit right in from the start. You were always the sweetest and most loving little dog. You will always be in our hearts and in our minds. We look to the day when we can all be reunited in Heaven.




2015-04-16 Pippin_Fotor





Somewhere Over the Rainbow


(08/28/2000 – 07/18/2014)

 My new home! I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. I was adopted from the FLORIDA POODLE RESCUE. I know I’m not a Poodle but don’t tell them! I a full-blooded Maltese! And the way things came together for the adoption and brought me to my new mommy and daddy, well, let’s just say it was meant to be!



I’m getting so used to my new home! I have a companion named Bobby (a Boston Terrier). These WERE his toys! A few more days and he’ll come to terms with who’s really the boss around here!  Play time!

12-29-00 Emmy

 Nap time!


 Play time!





Sometimes mommy wants me to pose for pictures. It’s not my thing, this sitting still…

Emmy B&W

 Me and my best buddies, Bobby (Boston Terrier) and Pippin (Poodle).


 How’d you find me?


I may be getting old but it does not take away my beauty!



For us it was sudden and way too soon. For her it must have been coming on slowly but progressively. We just did not see the signs and she never complained — until the very end. This past month, she had begun to have trouble walking with her back legs. We thought it was probably arthritis setting in due to her age. So we put her on some liquid ArthriSoothe Gold by NaturVet. I only put the name in here because I believe it was helping her so I consider it a good product. Even though she was walking and getting around better, she was still moving slow. But Thursday night she just collapsed in the back yard. I thought she had experienced a stroke or something. All day Friday was spent at the vet’s office undergoing blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound, etc. That’s when we learned the truth. This little girl had not given us a clue. Her blood work was off the charts. This was the first time we had ever heard her moan. The vet said it wasn’t good. She suspected cancer (a mass in the liver showed in the x-ray). Our option would have been to subject her to a very long treatment period of hospitalization, surgery, etc. Even the doctor told us what she would do if it were one of her pets. We knew what had to be done. We weren’t ready but that was not what mattered now. We could not put this precious creature through that. Her eyes told us she was ready to cross that Rainbow Bridge and meet up with Bobby and her cat friends who had gone before to prepare the way. For her it was quick and painless and she was in the arms of both her mommy and daddy when she slipped away. For us, the pain will subside in time but the memories never will.

The Rainbow Bridge Source: Google

The Rainbow Bridge
Source: Google