Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: #29

It’s the start of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge!

Meet Pippin. Yes, he came into our lives about the same time as The Lord of the Rings! Plus, they kind of have the same personality! LOL! Pippin showed up on our doorstep one weekend looking haggard, matted with burrs, and covered in fleas. He definitely picked us. He sat in our front yard just outside the picture window and barked and barked. I was afraid he would run away when I went outside and approached. Instead, he came running over to me and rolled over on his back at my feet. I was smitten. I also knew (or thought I knew) that being a Poodle, he must have an owner somewhere. I brought him in to the garage, and he let me pick burrs, give him a bath and flea treat him. The vet gave him a clean bill of health and estimated his birth sometime probably in early 2003. Then began the search for his parents. We looked for signs of him missing, we notified and checked repeatedly with Animal Control and the Humane Society. We posted and contacted all vets within a 15-mile radius. I ran into a friend who said she had seen the little dog running around her neighborhood for about a week. I was appalled that she didn’t do anything especially since she worked for a vet. Well, in a nutshell, after about three weeks, we figured our information was out there. If we had not heard anything at that point, we weren’t going to. So, we determined that Pippin would join our then current rescues of two dogs and three cats and become another full-fledged member of this clan! He’s just the smartest little thing. I find it hard to believe that he is 11 years old. He acts like he’s two. I will say he has the most ear-piercing bark I have ever heard!!








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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

When I saw this Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable on The Daily Post at WordPress, I knew I just had to post about a few of my little companions. I have had so many wonderful little animals to come into my life and bless me. It would be way too long a post to try and present all of them. So, today I present the most recent. Allow me to introduce Bobby, Emmy and Pippin, our rescues!


Bobby was our Boston Terrier. I’m sad to say we lost him last year to cancer at the age of 13. He was a leap-year baby, born February 29, 2000. Next to him sits our little Emmy, a Maltese we acquired back in 2000 at 3 months old from Florida Poodle Rescue. She turns 13 this fall and gets more ornery and lovable with each passing year! Our Poodle, Pippin, came to us one day about ten years ago out of nowhere. He came to our front door, a skinny, matted little mess and let me bring him in and clean him up. We tried for weeks to locate his owner to no avail. We had people tell us they had seen him roaming their neighborhood a few blocks away from us for the week prior. I was appalled that he could have been left alone for so long. A trip to the vet could not conclusively give his age but he guessed maybe around one year at that time. They share our home with five cats!