Weekly Pet Challenge Wk #61

For Michelle’s challenge this week, I’ve got something a little different. I can’t say it’s a pet but it does come fairly often for a late dinner and helps itself to the cat food for the strays. This little critter may not be a cat but it is definitely a stray. I think it’s so cute. It doesn’t try to run away as quickly now when it sees me. I suppose it’s getting a bit used to my voice even if I don’t see it that often. Sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy. The zoom on the iPhone isn’t the best. It tends to make things a bit grainy. But for some reason this little critter didn’t want me to try to get too close!

2014-09-17 Possum2_Fotor

2014-09-17 Possum_Fotor

I can wait. I don’t mind sharing cause I know there will be plenty. Also, I’m looking for my inside forever home if you want a cuddly kitty.

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