One Word Photo Challenge: Hummingbird

This week, Jennifer has chosen Hummingbird as her word of the week. I have a couple of hummingbird photos that I took recently after borrowing a friend’s older Canon DSLR to play around with. I’m afraid most of my shots came out blurry. But I’d like to say it’s because the hummingbird wouldn’t hold still and the camera was sooo heavy and ….. Besides, I wasn’t ready….. Would you believe the rope was bobbing? Fine, I’m going back to my iPhone5! 😛

Hummingbird in Silhouette


There are a couple of challenges this past week with the theme of FRIEND, The Daily Post and One Word Photo Challenge.  There are so many ways to portray this theme. I chose to show how “friendly” we all are at my house! 😉


Hubby and Midge (she’s the oldest at 16) and she doesn’t care whether you’re busy or not!

Me and Inky (age 7) and she doesn’t care either whether you’re busy or not either! LOL!
(Photo taken by hubby whilst I was unawares)


One Word Photo Challenge: Cats

How can I not participate in these! I have so many cat pictures to be shared.

Midge — my oldestMidge_Fotor

Nicky – my next oldest who is diabetic. He’s not usually this cranky looking. He’s upset because my lap was usurped by Charlie!Nicky_Fotor

Inky – loves to sleep on my back and shoulders (no sleep for anyone)Inky_Fotor

Charlie (on his side) and Freckles – the brother ginger cats
Maggie in the middle of the potted catnip

Tippi – sister to Maggie and yoga masterTippi_Fotor

Okay, so this one isn’t mine. But it certainly is a cat!Leopard_Fotor

One Word


One Word Photo Challenge: Bed

This week’s word is BED!

I posted this picture once before quite some time ago but wasn’t focused on the bed so much! Okay, maybe it’s still not focused on the bed so much!


This next picture is not focused so much on the bed either! A few years ago, I began teaching myself how to crochet. The blanket in this photo was my third crochet project (and to date, my last). I’m hoping to get back to it. Since we now live in an area that has a winter with cold weather, there are numerous items that could be made and soon time to make them!

Crochet Blanket_Fotor_Fotor

This picture is just to show my muse for the colors for the blanket.


And last but not least, we have one of our winter flower beds. This is along a walkway from the drive to the porch. Maybe some of you plant people might recognize something and be able to enlighten me! There is a green bush in the bottom corner, followed by a rose bush (which looks completely dead to me but that may just be what they do), followed by a different green bush, followed by some kind of dormant (hopefully not dead) large curving branches bush, followed by what was a small strawberry patch. I’m anxious to see what, if any, blooms come out this spring. I’m probably repeating myself here, but I’ve been told that the flowers and trees are just gorgeous around here in the spring. So, come on spring! Bring on those colors!

Flower Bed_Fotor

One Word


One Word Photo Challenge: Bear

I didn’t think I even had any photos for this challenge. I surprised myself! So now I can surprise you! HA!

We ran into this big fella a while back window shopping in Winter Park, FL. He’s a store greeter but I’m sorry to say I don’t remember which store!

2014-03-28 Bear_Fotor


And I hope this wasn’t some kind of prewarning from this big guy. Little did I know at the time that we would end up in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains! We’ve been told that bears do roam the forest in our neck of the woods. I’ve seen deer, squirrels, chipmunks and birds. I’m not real excited about the possibility of running into a bear! But, if I do, maybe he’ll leave me alone since I’m no longer considered a tourist!

2014-07-26 MountainBear_Fotor

One Word

One Word Photo Challenge: Autumn

Here in central Florida, we don’t get much of an autumn (or winter or spring for that matter!).  But sometimes there are tells like when the temperature averages about 20 degrees cooler than summer.  For example, our morning temps are in the 60s and afternoon highs are in the upper 70s.  And the humidity finally drops to livable. Here are some more autumn tells for central Florida:

This one is pretty much everywhere — PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS!!Pumpkins_Fotor

The changing of the leaves on the trees — okay, so there are no brilliant reds, oranges, or yellows.Autumn leaves_Fotor

And many of our trees shed their leaves and blooms this time of year, too!
autumn leaves2_Fotor

And, last but not least, all of the autumn decor appears everywhere! Of course, along with the autumn decor, come October we’re seeing Christmas decorations all in the stores now. sigh….scarecrow_Fotor

I must admit, though, after having grown up in Kentucky, I really do miss the bright colors of the fall foliage.