Seven Day Nature Challenge – 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. I was nominated by my fellow blogger, Joanne at Coffee Fuels My Photography! to participate in this challenge.  Please check out her blog.

As you know, I’m supposed to post at least one photo per day for seven days, focusing on anything from the natural world and each day I’m to nominate a new member.  There is absolutely no obligation to participate.  For this post, I would like to nominate my blogging friend at A Day In The Life.

And, if anyone who follows me would like to be nominated to participate in this challenge, please leave a message in the comments …  I would be more than happy to nominate you. I know so many of you have already participated!

I hope you enjoy my nature choices! Here is DAY 2:

2016-04-02 Bird Nests_Fotor

Imagine our surprise when one day as we were exiting the house, we looked up and, under the eaves on the back porch, we saw birdy condominiums in three sizes. At the time there were no occupants so we were wondering if they would even be used.

2016-04-18 Bird Nests2_Fotor

Imagine how great our surprise was discovering that the largest nest is definitely occupied. Mama is there almost all of the time now. We have no idea how long it takes for any eggs to hatch. We try to be so quiet when we enter or exit but if we make a bit too much noise, she flies a short distance away. But, not to worry, she has always come back. This picture was also taken with my iPhone5 and, as you may know, it does not have an actual zoom lens. The picture was also taken through glass and between blinds. Seems any time I tried to stand out there with my camera, it was more than she would sit still for.