Backyard Memories

bird 3

It’s a beautiful mornin’ ahhh
I think I’ll go outside a while
An jus’ smile
Just take in some clean fresh air boy
Ain’t no sense in stayin’ inside
If the weather’s fine an’ you got the time
It’s your chance to wake up and plan another brand new day
Either way
It’s a beautiful mornin’

The Rascals


It truly is a beautiful morning. The sun is streaming through my window, the air is crisp with a very slight breeze and the temperature is 63 degrees F. I’m just kicking back listening to the chirping of the birds in the neighborhood. It sounds so sweet. It smells so clean. It’s the perfect combination that’s making childhood feelings and memories spring to life. I’m transported to another place and time. Has it really been so long since I noticed? Just listen to those birds. And the squirrels chattering. It’s not just chirping, it’s music. Ah, early morning. Time to get up and go out to play!

Linda & Happy

Here I am with Happy, my best friend and faithful companion of ten years in the backyard of my childhood home. Great memories of that backyard. That’s where my mother would sunbathe on her quilt while teaching me the alphabet and to count to 100. My mother kept a beautiful flower and rose garden. She had every color rose and I can still smell that beautiful strong rose scent. I don’t know all the different kinds of flowers she had. But I remember the beauty. I’m just sad that I have no pictures of her garden.


Dad had a big strawberry patch. I remember he built a frame with chicken wire to set over the patch. He said it was it was to keep the birds from eating the strawberries and to keep a little girls hands out of the patch. Hmmm. I suppose he meant me but it didn’t work! It’s amazing what tiny little fingers can reach through. I can remember a time I was in the kitchen with my Mom. She was standing at the sink cleaning and preparing fresh-picked strawberries for dinner. She had me seated on the kitchen counter next to her. As she cleaned each strawberry and I ate it, I told her, “Mom, you’re the best cook!” I guess she liked that because I can still hear her laughter after all these years.

I’m sure my Dad and my brother would have different memories of the back yard. Since it backed up to the wall of the Upper Arlington High School football stadium, they were always having to clean up the back yard and the garage roof following every activity held in the stadium!

The only picture I have of my childhood home was taken in the winter. I’m posting it here even though it doesn’t fit with my spring theme! What an influence this house has had on me and my taste. I adore English Tudor. If I could have this house in a warm climate, I’d jump in a heartbeat!!

Barrington Road