A Photo a Week: Flare

From Nancy Merrill Photography:

IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A PHOTO OR TWO WITH SUN OR LENS FLARE (REAL OR ADDED). Sun and lens flares can be annoying, but they can also be a serendipitous happening. A well-placed or timed flare can add a wonderful hazy, sleepy feeling to an image. It can give a nice backlit affect.

The following are real flares, nothing added! All were taken with my iPhone5.

2013-07-04 Fireworks_Fotor

This picture above is of some Fourth of July fireworks. If there is one thing I’ve learned from trying to photograph fireworks with my iPhone and its zoom, is that it can’t be done. If anyone out there has discovered the secret, please share!

2014-09-11 Sunny AM_FotorThe picture above is an early morning shot of the sun with some jet traffic in the sky.

2014-10-04 Sunset_FotorAbove is a sunset between some trees at Lake Apopka.