I Would Like Your Advice

Yep, that’s right. I need advice from each and every one of you, especially anyone involved in DSLR photography!  I debated about posting this but here’s the thing.  I got a brand new Nikon D3200 camera and two lenses for Christmas.  Just like the one pictured.

Source: Google

Source: Google

Definitely exciting (for me)!  But I am so overwhelmed and intimidated by all of the bells and whistles on this thing compared to my iPhone 5.  I don’t know what ISO is or f-stop, etc.  I’ve been taking some pictures on the Nikon’s auto setting and trying to compare them with my iPhone pictures.  At this point, the photos are running neck and neck for viewing.  I like some of the camera ones better and vice versa.  I don’t really get it since it’s 8 megapixels on the iPhone 5 vs. 24.2 on the Nikon D3200.  I have about 90 days to decide if I’m going to keep it.  For me to justify keeping it and spending that amount of money, I’ve got to make some progress on learning how to use the different settings.  Especially since I’ve been fairly content with my camera phone.

Now that you have so graciously taken my little poll, can you tell me why your choice is what it is?  Those of you who use or are familiar with SLR cameras, are you self-taught?  Did you take classes?  What software programs do you use that are somewhat equivalent to Photoshop (which I can’t afford)?  What would be your ideas or suggestions on learning how to use the camera?

I’d appreciate any and all of your comments and/or suggestions.  You all are the best!!