Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

From Cee:  This challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.

This first one was really confusing. It was a one-lane driveway next to an office. I think if they mean “two-way traffic,” they’d be better off without any arrows at all!2017-01-06-whichway_fotor

Not sure if you can tell or not but those are flowers straight ahead in a small cemetery! So better choose a direction!2016-10-08-cemetery_fotor

Scene of a nightmare — Atlanta, in the rain, at dusk, in 5:00 p.m. weekday traffic.  Shudder!2015-11-18-atlanta_fotor


Cee's Feature

Thank you, Cee!