Phoneography Challenge: Black & White

The third Monday of the month challenge from Lens and Pens by Sally is black and white.  I was in downtown Orlando in January on another Monday holiday and took this photo in front of City Hall.  The following is an excerpt taken from an article in the Orlando Sentinel on July 23, 2013 by Scott Maxwell:

…Florida officials celebrated news that the state’s homeless population is shrinking.

But not in Central Florida.

Here, it is on the rise.

Yes, the same Council on Homelessness report that found a 17 percent drop statewide cited a 29 percent increase in Orange County.


And a 50 percent increase over the last five years.

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Greyscale

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Greyscale

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Ruined Wall

iPhone5; Fotor B&W Ruined Wall

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Phoneography Challenge: Black and White Monday

It’s black and white Monday at Lens and Pens by Sally.  I selected a photo that I took with my iPhone5 on a very overcast day from my front yard.  The original was not shot in black and white but it was certainly a black and white day!  So editing to black and white in the different apps just made subtle changes.

I pulled the following from Sally’s post (I hope she doesn’t mind). I found the explanation for how we perceive black and white very interesting:

“Science explains it this way: A surface which contains all colors will be seen as black, because the viewer perceives that no colors are being reflected. Whereas to realize white, the observer sees all colors reflected. This explanation is the path to: black is color and white is not.”





PhotoToaster Jr.

PhotoToaster Jr.



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Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Today is Macro Monday on Lens and Pens by Sally.  A while back I had my little cat, Inky, sitting on my lap and became fascinated with her eyes.  Not to equate it, but when I was a kid I collected cat’s eye marbles (I was never able to have a cat until I was an adult)! Wish I still had them.  But I digress. I started looking at her eyes and my iPhone was right beside me. Although she didn’t sit still for very long, below are a few of the shots I managed (quite awkwardly, too, I might add!).  All pictures were taken using my iPhone 5.  Enjoy!

2013-08-12 09.56.38

2013-08-12 09.53.08

Lightened using Fotor

Lightened using Fotor

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Phoneography Challenge: Architecture

This Monday is Challenger’s Choice on Lens and Pens by Sally.  I chose some architecture pictures I’ve taken.  This is our “new” City Hall in Winter Garden.  It was built in 2008.  I love that it has an art deco style to it.  I don’t know much about architecture but I know what I like!  I didn’t have time to do anything to these but auto correct and upload! Pictures were taken in October and again over the last few days.

City Hall

City Hall5

City Hall4

City Hall8

City Hall9

City Hall6

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

From The Daily Post:  Grand. We’ve hosted a “Big” photo challenge in the past, but for this week’s challenge, we want you to consider not just the size of something, but also that special element: the “wow factor” of a scene or subject that makes a picture so stunning. That magical quality you’re always out looking for and so excited to capture with your camera.  We want to see your interpretation of grand, from festive holiday city scenes to the Christmas tree in your living room to other shots that will make our jaws drop. We look forward to seeing your images!

I consider myself a patriotic American and I love the American flag.  Not far from my home and on a road well traveled is the biggest flag I have yet to see.  I wouldn’t doubt that it extends out 30-40 feet in length.  It is so majestic.  I finally stopped to try and capture some photos. I must say that this time my iPhone 5 does not do it justice. I present America’s WOW factor anyway for your viewing pleasure!

2013-12-02 15.46.52

2013-12-02 16.00.07

2013-12-02 16.00.31-2

Now, on a more personal GRAND scale, the following has it’s own WoW factor for me.  I present the GRAND kids!!!

2013-05-31 17.14.49

2013-11-02 12.54.35
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Phoneography Challenge: Nature (in crisis)

It’s Phoneography Challenge Monday for Nature (in crisis)!  I’ve chosen one of the photos I took on our recent visit to Silver Springs State Park near Ocala, FL.

2013-10-31 14.20.50


Even after death, trees abound with other forms of life.  Bacteria are decomposing the plant tissues.  Termites, woodboring beetles and carpenter ants are feeding within.  These are eaten by woodpeckers, lizards, toads and shrews.

The web of life will, in time, reduce this tree to a rich brown area of humus on the forest floor – waiting to be used by other living things.

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Phoneography Challenge: Black & White

It’s Phoneography Challenge Monday for black & white again!  I’ve chosen another backyard photo taken on a whim using my iPhone 5.

She'll never know I'm here!

She’ll never know I’m here!

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Phoneography Challenge: Nature

I went out in the backyard one day after a fairly heavy rain and just happened to run into this little fella!  These were taken with my iPhone 5 and are unretouched.


Snail 2

Snail 3

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Phoneography – Challenger’s Choice: Still Life

I wanted to post this yesterday when I realized on Lens and Pens by Sally it was Challenger’s Choice. For my entry, I chose STILL LIFE.  The photo itself was quite accidental but I like it.  Here’s the original.  Freckles is the model!

Freckles orig


iPhone5 and Camera360

I tried to use an app called Camera360.  Apparently, I haven’t really figured out how to use this app.  I wanted to make it look like a painting. Once I got it the way I wanted, I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of Camera360. I didn’t want to use Facebook, I don’t use Instagram, and I’ve never heard of the other sites they listed.  I just wanted to email it to me or save it to my iPhone or computer.  I finally was able to copy it from the app’s Cloud but it’s so small.  If anyone uses this app for iPhone and/or iPad, please feel free to give me a hand!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

From The Daily Post at WordPress — Focus. This week’s challenge is inspired by Matthew George’s post on focus, in which he introduced us to the basics of depth of field and aperture. He explained what an image with a shallow depth of field looks like (or conversely, a photo with a greater depth of field), and how the aperture setting on your camera affects it.

Well, since I used my iPhone 5, there was no adjusting the “focus”, the lens, or anything else for that matter! I’m basically a point and shoot kind of person — especially since I don’t have a fancy camera anymore! So, here’s my take on this week’s Photo Challenge of FOCUS.

It seems that most of my photos are of my animals.  Hmm, now why is that I wonder?  Guess it’s just because they’re here because they’re certainly not very cooperative in front of the camera.  Seems every time I point a camera at them when they’re posed so adorably, they’ll see me and suddenly have to be in my lap or run away.  Oh, well.

This first photo is Nicky.  I brought him in when he was about ten months old and skinny as a rail.  He’s six years old now, thriving and ornery!  I’m not sure what he was focused on in this picture but it allowed me to get up close and personal!  This photo was taken with my iPhone 5 and is unretouched.



Here’s another one of my little kitties.  Her name is Inky.  She’s probably around 4 years old and just about as sweet as they get.  She was sitting on my lap ignoring me while I was trying to see if I could get any interesting pictures of her cat eyes!


(iPhone 5 and Snapseed)

(iPhone 5 and PhotoEdit)

And last, but not least, is one of my photos when I’m focused!  Guess which one hit first.  Then I really focused!