Sunday Stills: Window

Hugh’s View & News says:  Like you and I, every window can tell a story. Some will show you those stories, while others will only show them to a chosen few. Some won’t reveal their stories to anything in our world.

These are a few pictures I took this past summer when I went back to my childhood home town. They’re very amateurish (which is what my photography is) and taken on the run. I used my iPhone8+.

One of many store fronts found on Main Street.  This one happens to be unoccupied.  Love the 1890 at the top!

So sad to see our elementary schools fall into complete disrepair.  This is Anthony Wayne and I attended here in the sixth grade. It was built in 1931 and our schools depended on open windows and doors for air conditioning! The elementary school I attended from second to fifth grades (Franklin Elementary) has already been torn down and is now a neighborhood park.

Standing in front of the County Courthouse looking up. It’s such a beautiful old structure.  So much history.  Built in 1876.  It is still in use today. This is a view of the second story circular window from the outside.

The above second floor window from the inside at the top of the stairs looking out.  My friend and I used to play inside and outside this old courthouse back in the 50s.

Sitting in my family’s sun room looking out across a farmer’s field.


Happy Anniversary!

Wow! It’s hard to be believe that 29 years have passed. Where does the time go? We are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary today. There have been lots of ups and some downs but how very grateful to have been blessed to spend this time with the love of my life and my best friend! Here’s to the next 29! ❤

Happy Mother’s Day to my Guardian Angel

In honor of all mothers everywhere, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I especially honor my own mother today. She was the best, inside and out! She joined Dad in 1995 and I still miss her terribly. I am so happy to be blessed with the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge that we are sealed together as a family for time and all eternity. I know I will be with her again.




Black & White Sunday – Traces of the Past

Paula at Lost in Translation is hosting Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past. I decided to post this one as it brought back happy memories. Summer of 1986, the last time I went horseback riding. It was at a women’s retreat outside of Dallas, Tx.  Way too long ago! I have always had a love for horses. I think they’re amazing creatures.

Click the banner below for additional information and more Traces of the Past!

Goodbye Sweet Pippin

It has been too long since I have posted anything and I am extra sad to return with this post. But I must pay tribute to one of the sweetest little creatures ever to have walked the earth.

You took your last breath at 5:45 a.m. on Monday, October 3. We’re not sure what transpired to have you leave us so soon. We were not ready. You are missed but now you are with all your furry little siblings who have gone before.

I remember the first day you came to us. I was in the house and suddenly Bobby (our Boston Terrier) and Emmy (our Maltese) started raising such a ruckus in the living room. I looked out the picture window to see what was the matter. There on the sidewalk in front of the window sat a forlorn, skinny, little Poodle just looking at the two dogs inside. I was afraid if I went out, he would run away from me. But I had to take that chance. I walked outside and spoke softly to you. You walked over to me and rolled over. I was completely smitten. But you were covered in burrs and fleas. Something had to be done. So I took you into the garage and you let me bathe you and cut those burrs out of your hair.

Shortly after that, we began the search for your parents.  I just knew someone had to be looking for you. We posted pictures and went to all the vet clinics within several miles. I got very upset at one clinic when the tech sneered and said, “I saw that dog hanging around my neighborhood for a week.” I went ballistic.  Needless to say, that vet clinic lost any business from me and mine. But I digress. We notified the Humane Society and Animal Control. After a couple of weeks and no reports or inquiries regarding missing Poodles, you became ours. I think by that time, I probably wouldn’t have given you up even if someone had come looking. 😛

You fit right in from the start. You were always the sweetest and most loving little dog. You will always be in our hearts and in our minds. We look to the day when we can all be reunited in Heaven.




2015-04-16 Pippin_Fotor





DP Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

Oh, boy. What a state of mind! Here I am just sitting at my desk this morning trying to catch up on a few things. I’ve just been moping around feeling sorry for myself because it’s cold out and I miss my Florida home, family and friends. Moving away from all of this and out of my comfort zone (not speaking of the weather on this one…well, maybe a bit) was not an easy thing for me.

Winter Garden Water Tower_Fotor

Walking from house to town. Downtown Winter Garden_Fotor

Walking from house to Lake
Lake Apopka Sunrise_FotorCrying FaceCrying Cat Face

I’ve been wanting to post more about our new surroundings but haven’t braved the cold new world. So I’ve been pretty much staying inside going through and catching up on my emails, some Facebook and trying to figure out when I’m ever going to get consistent again on my posts. Waaahhhh! Big baby.  When lo and behold! What to my wondering eyes should appear out my window?  It’s too late for reindeer! But wait, there’s a whole herd of gorgeous deer (that I have yet to get any pictures of).

Not taken on our property but in Blairsville (give me time)

They’re so beautiful! And I watched about seven or eight of them just dilly-dallying on the hillside down from my window. Of course, I tried to sneak out to snap some group pics but, no matter how quiet I was, I think my black jacket gave me away! So off they went on their merry way. Well, all in due time. Now, can someone here in North Georgia please tell me when hunting season is over? We’ve heard shots (albeit in the distance but still sounds too close for comfort) since we arrived in the middle of December. I’m nervous for my new friends because I’ve been hearing shots all afternoon. If I could just explain to the deer that if they hung around our house, they’d be safe. We’re not hunters; we’re feeders.

At the closing on our house, the previous owners told us about how in the spring it becomes so beautiful around here with all kinds of flowers and plants, etc. I can’t wait (but I guess I have to).

But looky, looky!! White Down Pointing Backhand Index + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2

I’m thinking daffodils? I don’t know my flowers at all but I suppose it’s time I started learning! Are they usually early bloomers? I know the weather has been absolutely crazy.

Daffodil buds_Fotor

And what wonderful new friends we’re making here. I’m just loving the people we have met here. All of our new friends at church — I just love them to pieces already! And this week, we’re going out to lunch with two of our neighbors. We’ve been emailing but because the weather has been so off-putting, we haven’t met face-to-face yet. Well, we’re going to change that! I’m excited! The good Lord has sent us here for a reason. One of these days, I’ll find it out! I still don’t like the cold one bit but this too shall pass! Right?!

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

Now where was I?!

Oh, yes, I was talking about getting moved into our new home here in North Georgia. Omigosh, that was such a while ago! Where does the time go? We had some pretty decent weather in between then and now and we did manage to get a few things done. Still lots to go. But I’ve let so much time go by, I’ve forgotten all the fun stuff I was going to write.

Writing Hand So moving on!

The day the moving company brought our stuff was a nice day. But major glitch.  They couldn’t get their truck up our driveway! Delivery Truck So, they ended up parking the truck at the base of the drive. These two young guys were going to have to haul all of our stuff up that hill. The driveway is probably at least a couple hundred feet and about a 25-30 degree angle (mostly 30 towards the top!). Then Tom had a great idea. We have the pickup, so he told them to take the truck, load what they could and bring it up that way. It probably took them a lot longer than they anticipated, but at least they didn’t have to walk all that way. I’m afraid I didn’t take pictures of them moving stuff, but here’s the driveway. Well, at least I told them I changed my mind about having the piano go to the second floor!

Musical Keyboard  They did such a great job and were wonderful to work with. It was O’Neill Transport out of Orlando and they do long distance moves. Yep, it’s a plug for them!

View from the bottom up

View from the top down

So, between this driveway and the stairs that run from the basement to the second floor, I have no need of a treadmill ever again! HA!

To this day, we are still trying to find places for things. I know, I know, we probably still have too much stuff.  But, hey, ya gotta keep some stuff! And one of these days I’ll get back to more inside pictures as we go along. There is so much beauty up here. This winter anyway, I’m still too much of a wimp to go gallivanting around sightseeing. By next year, I hope to get some real winter clothes and it won’t matter (as much)! Hey, can I help it if my body is still programmed for a Florida winter??

And, coming up shortly, what you’ve all been waiting for. The finished CATIO! Yay! Well, the catio itself is finished. I still have things I want to do inside the catio, but all in good time. And, yes, I have some brave kitties who like going out in the cold!

We Interrupt the Moving Saga for a Brief Announcement…

I knew it was bound to happen. Everyone said it would. I tried to ignore the warning signs. But, omigosh, now what?


2016-01-20 Snow2_Fotor

So it’s pretty. And how many of you are out there laughing because you’re buried under several feet of snow at the moment wishing this was all the snow you had. Well, it’s the first snow I’ve had to contend with in 30 years. And since this is the first, I’m sure there will be more. At least by Monday, the temperature is supposed to be up around 50 again. YAY! And, yes, I still miss Florida. That’s our downhill driveway behind the tree that we can’t get down at the moment because it’s too steep and too slippery. And we have no winter clothes. It’s on our list. Okay, we have some light jackets and we each have a sweater. We do have a couple of sweatshirts.Even when I lived in cold climates, I never liked bundling up. Oh, well. Gripe, gripe, moan, complain. Okay, I’m done. The bright side is we get to go shopping (when it warms up) and start acquiring winter clothing.

Here’s a couple more views from our porch.

2016-01-20 Snow_Fotor

2016-01-20 Snow3_Fotor

Well, I’m sitting here at my new desk looking out my window onto a very similar scene. We know there are deer up here. I’ve only seen their tails as they bounded down a hill. But I have high hopes that one of these days I’ll be able to capture a photo. I will say I do believe that when spring arrives, it will be beautiful around here with all of the plant life. We’re looking forward to trying our hand at a small garden.

In the meantime, I’ll just stay inside my toasty little house and be content looking out the windows. I’ll be posting a bit more on the actual move-in shortly.

It Happened One Night…

Oh, my, it’s been well over a month since I last posted. And that was the one about selling our house in Florida and buying a new home in north Georgia. What a whirlwind life has been since that time. The first half of December was taken up with clearing out and packing up our Florida home. There is no way we could have come close to our deadline to be out on the morning of the 16th if my dear sweet sister-in-law had not helped us pack. I really miss her! We lived in that house for 20 years and I’m the first to say, it was hard to give it up. But all good things come to an end. Well, maybe good things don’t always come to an end but they very often change to the unexpected. So before I get into what it’s like living here in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, I thought I’d share our last day in Florida and the [nightmare] trip to Georgia!

We had to be out by 1:00 p.m. on the 16th of December so the buyer’s realtor could do the final walk through before the closing. Of course, our plan had been to be on the road by about 8:00 a.m.  One of my dearest friends (and one who was extremely hard to leave behind) was a tremendous help in assisting us in getting rid of so much stuff. Of course, half of it we now know is stuff we’re replacing because we didn’t think we’d need it. HA! But that’s okay. My friend runs a charity and helps a lot of people so that’s a good thing.

Well, let’s see if I can put the thrill, the fear, the excitement, the surprise, etc. into actual words…

Anyway, about 1:00 p.m. we had hubby’s pickup filled to the hilt in the back. I had five crated cats (among other stuff) and he had two crated cats and the dog inside his truck. The back of his pickup was full and piled up. We lined the truck bed and covered everything with a very heavy plastic tarp to protect the stuff from the elements. It was time. Oh, dear, was I really ready for this? My biggest fear at the moment was trying to figure out how to get to north Georgia without going through Atlanta again. But I get ahead…

We had a good plan. Yes, we were driving our two vehicles but we would not be alone. We hooked up our iPhones to the chargers in each vehicle and kept the phone line open with the speakers on. Yep, we were alone in the cars together. So, off we go on our new adventure. Or so we thought. A few miles down the road, heading to I75, I noticed that the plastic tarp was already coming loose on the truck (Tom was the lead driver). So we pulled into the Super Target along the way so he could get some real heavy duty tape to fasten it down even more. We parked a ways from the store out in the parking lot. It was hot (naturally), somewhere in the 80s. I was parked right behind him. I stayed with the vehicles while Tom went in the store. We left our cars running for the air conditioners would keep the animals cool. He was gone only a short time. I was sitting in my car watching him go from side to side of his truck. Then he tells me that his truck is locked and the keys are in the ignition. HOW CAN THAT BE? What do we do now. Of course we have spare keys to the vehicles. Do you think we’re nuts? Well, maybe just a bit. Because WE HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE KEYS ARE. They’re packed somewhere. I thought I knew and thought we could get to them. So we ripped open a couple of things. Nope. Out of options. We ended up placing an emergency call for a locksmith. Yep, nice beginning, huh? After waiting a bit, the locksmith appears. He’s not surprised when he looks at the truck. He said he knows exactly how it got locked.


Looks real innocent, right? Turns out (and it never occurred to us) that Pippin got excited about being left alone in the truck and stood up on the door and pushed the lock down. And, yes, he was harnessed and seatbelted but he could still move around a bit. Oh, if we could only teach them to undo certain things. Well, it took the locksmith about one minute to get the door open and $65.00 later we’re back on the road — over two hours later. It’s now about 4:00 p.m. That’s about when we had anticipated being through Atlanta. Yep, our plans had been to be on the road by 8:00 a.m. or thereabouts.

Let me back up a bit. I had been worried about where on earth we were going to stay when we got to north Georgia since we have seven cats and one dog. The closing on our new house wasn’t scheduled until the 17th. I couldn’t let the cats out of the crates along the way. I’d be terrified someone would scoot. I was so stressed because the owners of the Georgia home said we couldn’t stay in the empty house before the closing. That meant we had no place to go. No hotel (or person for that matter) would welcome in two people with eight animals. At this point, let me sing the praises of both our realtors — the listing agent of our Florida home, Geoff Coggin, and our agent in Blairsville, Jimmy Camp, who split the cost of a cabin for us in Blairsville so we would have a place to go. Jimmy Camp rented a cabin for us for two nights so I could stop stressing (at least about that!). But all in good time. Let me get back on the road…

All was going well. Okay, we were already tired but at least we were on the road. Only about eight or nine hours to go. As we headed north, lo and behold, it began raining.  Then it poured. And just to jump ahead in the story, it never stopped storming all the way up. Lovely. But we kept each other company via our phones. They were a God-send. We just didn’t feel so alone on this trip. Because we were so tired, we decided to take a few minute stretch at each rest stop. We walked Pippin but my poor kitties (who, by the way, were angels who had no accidents the entire trip — but I would have completely understood if they had) were kept in their new crates.

About 9:00 p.m. or so we stopped somewhere in south Georgia to grab something to eat. I think it might have been around Tifton or thereabouts. We got a couple of yucky burgers from a Burger King and ate standing by the cars (the rain had let up temporarily). I wasn’t about to leave my babies alone. Then we headed on again.

Finally, sometime between 11:00 and midnight, we decided to stop at a rest stop. It might have been the last one before Atlanta. Yep, we’re still not there yet. We were exhausted so we decided to try to take a cat-nap (pun intended) for about 30-45 minutes. I was able to rest my eyes a bit but I just really can’t sleep like that. I’m not a sound sleeper anyway. I had set the alarm for 45 minutes and woke Tom up. Poor guy. He suggested we stop somewhere for the night but I told him that nobody would rent us a room. Besides we were now (supposedly) not more than two or three hours away from our destination. We’ve come this far, let’s keep plodding along. So, once again, back on the freeway.

Well, we picked up the rain again outside of Atlanta. Of course, we did. And, so, on we drove for another hour or more. And guess what two extremely exhausted people did. In Atlanta, the freeway splits between I75 and I85. Well, we missed the I75 exit we were supposed to be on so we stayed on I85. Well, why not? They both would get us where we’re going. And maybe we could avoid all that Atlanta traffic. Wait! What Atlanta traffic? To the best of my recollection, it’s now about 2:00-3:00 a.m. There’s hardly any traffic. It would have been a piece of cake. And Blairsville is only about two hours from Atlanta — if you stay on I75 through it. Well, well, well.  We pulled off and looked at the GPS. Hmmm, seems we could still get there by taking the I85 route. It might be just a little bit longer. But we certainly didn’t want to try and backtrack.  Not at this time of the morning. All we could think of was that little cabin waiting for our arrival…

And the rain was coming down again. Keep plugging, we’ll get there. I now know why most people don’t take that route to get to Blairsville. You leave the freeway. It becomes two lanes (not bad traffic at all at 4:00 in the morning). BUT, and that is definitely a big BUT, those two lanes are tiny, winding and straight up the mountain. Oh, heaven help us. And the rains weren’t the least bit helpful. We could see drop-offs going around the curves (with no barriers, mind you). We were only able to progress at about 35-40 miles per hour and sometimes that felt like we were speeding. I believe I almost lost Tom at one point. I knew he was tired but there was a curve coming up and he wasn’t turning. I screamed into the phone. Luckily, he heard my scream and came back to life. Scared us both. In all honesty, the drive up was an absolute nightmare. I don’t see either one of us driving back down to Florida ever again if it means we have to drive back up through Atlanta again. I’ve lived in some pretty big cities — Phoenix, Dallas, Orlando — and I’ve driven through Los Angeles before but I’m not sure anything would be as bad as the Atlanta traffic.

Well, we finally made it to the cabin at 7:00 a.m. (To this day, we’re still trying to figure out why it took us so long.) It had been left open for us and a light left on. It was fabulous. I would highly recommend the Alpine Cabins in Blairsville! We got all the animals inside and, needless to say, they were a bit freaked. I’m sure they were feeling our stress and it wasn’t helping them cope in the least.  You would think I would have slept like a log. Couldn’t do it. Too wound up I guess.  So, I tried relaxing a bit and tried to calm down the cats. No sleep would come for me while Tom was peacefully snoring away! Anyway, that afternoon we finally attended our closing. The house was ours and we were finally mortgage free. What an amazing feeling. Or it would be when I started feeling anything again. By the time we left the closing, I had been up for 38 hours without sleep. I couldn’t tell. I must have gotten my second wind but I could tell my brain wasn’t running on all cylinders. Instead of trying to move into the house that night with no furniture, we went back to that little cabin. I felt like I could finally relax — except for stressing about the cats and the potential havoc they could wreak if they wanted to. But they were so good. Probably as traumatized as me. The best part of the cabin?


They had a big spa tub in the bedroom that I immediately put to use. FABULOUS! I want one. I was finally so relaxed. Got out of there, got my book, and sat in a most comfortable chair by the fire. I finally got some sleep that night, albeit broken up by episodes of cats.

The next morning we loaded up the animals and headed over to our new home to meet the movers.  More to follow!


Happy Birthday, Dad! 1910 – 1987

This is a letter I wrote to my Dad back in the 70s when I was living in Utah and couldn’t get home to Kentucky. I felt bad that I didn’t have any money at the time to buy him a gift so I wrote him a letter (I was not a big letter writer back then). My mother told me later that it made him cry — but a happy cry. Wish I could celebrate with him today. His birth date was always so easy to remember — it was 10/10/10!


Birthday letter 001Birthday Letter 002

I actually wrote a blog post about Pinky.  You can read that one HERE.

Luther Paul Arthur2Luther Paul Arthur

So, Dad, even though you’re not here with me in body, you’re here in spirit and I miss you.