A Photo a Week Challenge: Profile; Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 66; and Sunday Stills: Pets

There are several challenges this past week involving pets. This is a picture of my first Great Dane, Caesar (1970-72). Sadly he died young. He was fabulous and I still miss him.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 66.

Nancy Merrill Photography’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Profile. Okay, I made this one about my pet!

Sunday Stills: Pets



Caesar & Me_Fotor


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A Word A Week Photograph – Delicate

Once a week Sue dips into her old English Oxford dictionary and picks a word on the page that it falls open at.  The challenge is to post a photograph, poem, story – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.  This week her word is DELICATE.  This past weekend we visited the Fort Christmas Museum at Christmas, Florida. When I saw Sue’s word, I thought of these delicate doilies on display. They were hard to photograph because of the glare on the glass.  The picture was taken using my iPhone5.  The brochure seems to intimate that they’re from some of the early settlers in the 1830s.  I’m thinking that they are tatted. Some more crafty people might know for sure.

2014-06-14 Doilies 1830s_Fotor




A Word a Week Photograph Challenge – Yellow

When I saw Sue’s challenge this week for yellow, I could only think of one photo that would fit.  So, in the spirit of the game, I went through some of my photos and discovered a few more that could be included in YELLOW.  None have been retouched other than some cropping.

iPhone 5

October 2013 – Silver Springs, FL
iPhone 5

Sunrise over Lake Apopka iPhone 5

Sunrise over Lake Apopka
iPhone 5

Front Yard Sunrise iPhone 5

Front Yard Sunrise
iPhone 5

Leaf iPhone 5

iPhone 5

2013-10-31 16.20.31

Ocala Painted Horse
iPhone 5


Conor Oberst

Come join in the fun.  For more information and to view other entries, click here.  Enjoy!

A Word a Week Challenge: Two

Pooki & Punkin 1985

Pooki & Punkin 1985

I ran across this old photo showing my little party poodle, Pooki, and my Yorki-Poo, Punkin, from the mid-80s.  They were only six months apart but you can tell from the picture that Punkin was probably only around three months old at the time I caught them in the open fridge!  Don’t worry, that’s not the food I feed my animals today!

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