One Word Photo Challenge: Bed

This week’s word is BED!

I posted this picture once before quite some time ago but wasn’t focused on the bed so much! Okay, maybe it’s still not focused on the bed so much!


This next picture is not focused so much on the bed either! A few years ago, I began teaching myself how to crochet. The blanket in this photo was my third crochet project (and to date, my last). I’m hoping to get back to it. Since we now live in an area that has a winter with cold weather, there are numerous items that could be made and soon time to make them!

Crochet Blanket_Fotor_Fotor

This picture is just to show my muse for the colors for the blanket.


And last but not least, we have one of our winter flower beds. This is along a walkway from the drive to the porch. Maybe some of you plant people might recognize something and be able to enlighten me! There is a green bush in the bottom corner, followed by a rose bush (which looks completely dead to me but that may just be what they do), followed by a different green bush, followed by some kind of dormant (hopefully not dead) large curving branches bush, followed by what was a small strawberry patch. I’m anxious to see what, if any, blooms come out this spring. I’m probably repeating myself here, but I’ve been told that the flowers and trees are just gorgeous around here in the spring. So, come on spring! Bring on those colors!

Flower Bed_Fotor

One Word


61 comments on “One Word Photo Challenge: Bed

  1. Luanne @ TFK says:

    All lovely beds, but my favorite is of course the one with all the kitties! haha

  2. Wow. That’s a lot of cats on one bed! 😉 The one on the chest of drawers reminds me of ours, Sox, who passed away in 2009. She was a precious Manx with a “bob” tail. I bet watching them nap on your bed makes you want to join them; I know I do! 🙂

  3. treerabold says:

    The first bed looks like mine….except the cats are dogs!!

  4. Sonel says:

    Now that is what a bed should look like Linda. Also a good excuse not to make up the bed. 😆

    Love the bedspread. Wow! Great colours as well. 😀

    No idea what kind of bush that might be. By the looks of it, it could be the same as ours, but it has small white flowers. It’s called Ageless Abelia. Maybe it’s the same as yours, but here is the link.

    Around here we’re waiting for Autumn and of course the Golden silk orb-weavers. 😆

    • Hey, Sonia, I’ll use any excuse not to make up the bed. After all, I’d hate to disturb them! I’ll let you know about the bush and thanks for sending me that link. I’ll have to check it out — especially since they seem to be somewhat in my new neighborhood! 😆 But, for now, I’m bummed again. It was supposed to rain today — BUT IT’S SNOWING! Waaahahhh!!! 😥

      • Sonel says:

        Hey Linda! Love my new name! 😆

        Same here and of course, they shouldn’t be disturbed. It’s their bed and house after all. LOL!

        You are very welcome and let me know if it’s the same.

        Oh cool! I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow here as well, but I don’t think the houses and shops here will be able to handle it.

        Don’t cry. One of these days it will be Spring and then you can treat us with the lovely flowers. 😀

        • 🙃 can I say oops! Ha! I’ve been using my phone more so now you see what happens! LOL! No more tears for me here. It’s warming up and I’m happy dancing!

        • Sonel says:

          Hahahahaha! No problem at all sweetness and if I had to work from my phone, you won’t even be able to read what I type. LOL!

          Cheer up darling. All will be fine and I am glad it’s warming up there. Do the happy dance and do it like no one is watching! 😀 ♥

  5. Cee Neuner says:

    I adore all your cats. 😀

  6. Prior-01 says:

    Clever take on bed! The kitties one has such a loving feel and the 3rd project ??? You obviously have talent so hope you get back to it!

  7. Amy says:

    Love the first one! The bedspread is so beautiful!

  8. Brenda says:

    that is a beautiful crochet blanket and your pictures are just as beautiful

  9. My favorite is the kitty bed!! My kitty is on the bed with me right now. Maybe one day if I get a larger living space I can get more kitties for total coverage!! LOL!! 🙂

    • There’s just something so consoling and comforting when a little animal decides to curl up with you! Just don’t expect a whole lot of straight-through sleeping once you do get total kitty coverage! 😆

  10. Phyllis Pav u s says:

    Linda, love the chevron blanket. Awesome work! We really need to get together and do some “hookin”.

  11. Nancy says:

    Cute… that bedspread is gorgeous!

  12. My, my, Linda. I have to comment on that blanket. It is gorgeous; I am in so much awe of people who work with their hands–from surgeons to tailors to the people who crochet to those who make tiny books or plate microorganisms to look at them under the microscope. I have never had the patience and coordination to stick with something so close-in like that. As for the others, your house looks like cat heaven, but I can’t say I’d expect anything different–and good luck with the flower beds. I hope they do well in north Georgia, though I’ve read that with climate change, the humidity and heat of the “Deep South” is rising northward. Sorry I can’t offer insight into the plant types. You might, if you don’t find out any other way, find out what the nearest botanical garden or botany program at university is the closest to you and see if they have a ‘helpline.’ I know the Missouri Botanical Garden fields questions like this all the time. Maybe you can e-mail them photos (or they can look here) and they can help. Anyway, sorry this is so long. Happy (almost) Friday–and ditto’ing your wishes for springtime SOON!

    • Oh, Leigh, that’s so sweet of you to say these things. You know, I’ve never had the patience to sit and write anything of any length, which is one of your many talents! 🙂 I’ve never gardened but I know there are a lot of places up here to find out about what we have. It will be fun learning what we’re surrounded by! Here’s wishing you a glorious upcoming weekend and speedy return of the spring weather! 😀

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Linda, love your blanket, it’s gorgeous! And I love the cats too! Do you have 5 cats? Wow, I want one!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! I appreciate your compliment. And we actually have seven cats and one dog! There are days I’d be tempted to give you one! heehee (not really but, you know)! You adopt one so easily. All of ours were neighborhood kitties from strays. We were finally able to get the mamas spayed before we left. Of course, all of our babies are spayed or neutered! You should get one! 😀

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hi Linda, it’s easy to adopt one, but the difficulty is my husband, he doesn’t like the idea so much, I think he is jealous of all the attention I’d give to the kitty.

  14. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Love the theme here …. beds, but I must have to say my favorite is your cat bed. LOL That reminds me so much of my own bed it isn’t funny!!! That afghan you made I KNOW how much work that is, and OH MY it is gorgeous, Linda!!! As for those plants … your rose is NOT dead so don’t pull it up. For those others I do not know what they are. Sorry. Perhaps when they begin to color I’ll recognize them. LOL ❤

    • Thanks Amy! I knew you would relate to the kitty bed! 😻 The blanket did take a while but the repetition was relaxing. Now if I could just remember how I did it! 🤔 As for all the plants, I’m getting anxious to see what we have. We’re not pulling any out unless and until they’re proven actually dead! You know I am going to have pics! I’ve been thinking that I’ve got to somehow get something with a real zoom lens. I’ve seen some fab things but couldn’t get. So we’ll see!

      • AmyRose🌹 says:

        Do your homework, Linda, when it comes to lenses. Any lens that is an F2.8 lens is a really good piece of glass yet still you must do your research. A good lens makes all the difference in the world. Good luck!!! And I hope you remember how you made that afghan. LOL ❤

  15. oneanna65 says:

    ❤ the cats. Hugs.

  16. Loved the pics but the first one is the cutest! 🙂

  17. Sartenada says:

    I love the first photo especially. It is so cool

  18. Great kitties and lovely blanket…can you sleep at night with all those furry balls around you? ;o) have a great weekend! xo Joahnna

    • The one thing about our new house, is the kitties now have their own area to sleep in! I may be sleeping better but I’ve gotta tell you, it’s been a major adjustment for me. I think it’s been harder for me than it has been for them! LOL!

      • Moving house is very emotional and invasive. I always find, it takes a year to readjust, to make your new house into a home and make new friends and get to know your new world. I also found,that it was always worth it ;o) I am sure you and your critters will find home in your new house!!! xoxoxo

  19. Paula says:

    Oh my, do they leave any room for you? 😉

  20. I love your crochet blanket! wow! ❤️

  21. Lignum Draco says:

    So with all those cats on the bed, you sleep on the couch? 🙂

  22. oh I am smiling at your first image!! Oh I hope I come back as a cat!! ( one of yours would be just fine!) lovely crochet work. I am not sure of your bush- I hope you find out. Yes the rose will probably come back though it may not have been pruned.

  23. DG MARYOGA says:

    Who is going to focus on the bed once the furry kids are relaxing there.They create a fabulous design on the blanket,and more beautiful than your “Spring” crochet work.Loved the one on the bedside table and the source of your inspiration for the bright colours of the blanket.As for your green bush,it looks like a kind of Buxus,which are evergreen and endure heavy winters,They make gorgeous topiaries and hedges as well.Its dormant neighbour will soon lend colour to your garden and to your life.Delightful “Bed- Cat” post,dear Linda!Roll on spring and warm,my friend Linda 🙂 … xxX ♥

  24. Aquileana says:

    Excellent pics, dear Linda… I could totally relate with the first one… as my cats do exactly the same thing, ha…. anyway, I only have two… 🙂
    All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

  25. The bed full of cats is literally the best bed I’ve ever seen.

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