Now where was I?!

Oh, yes, I was talking about getting moved into our new home here in North Georgia. Omigosh, that was such a while ago! Where does the time go? We had some pretty decent weather in between then and now and we did manage to get a few things done. Still lots to go. But I’ve let so much time go by, I’ve forgotten all the fun stuff I was going to write.

Writing Hand So moving on!

The day the moving company brought our stuff was a nice day. But major glitch.  They couldn’t get their truck up our driveway! Delivery Truck So, they ended up parking the truck at the base of the drive. These two young guys were going to have to haul all of our stuff up that hill. The driveway is probably at least a couple hundred feet and about a 25-30 degree angle (mostly 30 towards the top!). Then Tom had a great idea. We have the pickup, so he told them to take the truck, load what they could and bring it up that way. It probably took them a lot longer than they anticipated, but at least they didn’t have to walk all that way. I’m afraid I didn’t take pictures of them moving stuff, but here’s the driveway. Well, at least I told them I changed my mind about having the piano go to the second floor!

Musical Keyboard  They did such a great job and were wonderful to work with. It was O’Neill Transport out of Orlando and they do long distance moves. Yep, it’s a plug for them!

View from the bottom up

View from the top down

So, between this driveway and the stairs that run from the basement to the second floor, I have no need of a treadmill ever again! HA!

To this day, we are still trying to find places for things. I know, I know, we probably still have too much stuff.  But, hey, ya gotta keep some stuff! And one of these days I’ll get back to more inside pictures as we go along. There is so much beauty up here. This winter anyway, I’m still too much of a wimp to go gallivanting around sightseeing. By next year, I hope to get some real winter clothes and it won’t matter (as much)! Hey, can I help it if my body is still programmed for a Florida winter??

And, coming up shortly, what you’ve all been waiting for. The finished CATIO! Yay! Well, the catio itself is finished. I still have things I want to do inside the catio, but all in good time. And, yes, I have some brave kitties who like going out in the cold!

22 comments on “Now where was I?!

  1. Looks like a dream, Linda, apart from having to move things up the steep driveway and when/if you get snow during winter. I love the trees, and bet the cats will like the outdoorsy-ness, too.

    • Thanks, Leigh! Your comment is so true! It’s lovely up here but a definite challenge with snow especially since we’re not really equipped for it! The animals seem to be doing better than me for now. I’m waiting for spring and warm temps! 🌄

      • Definitely ditto on the spring; the winter here has been come-and-go and definitely weird. I’m ready for it to move along. If it could stay spring or fall (without allergies), I’d be happy. I can do without 95 or 100+ degree days.

  2. Now you can enjoy the seasons. You have much to discover as the landscape surrounding your new home comes alive and renews.

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    Moving is never a smooth process. I’m sure they truly appreciated Tom’s idea. Minutes before, they probably had dagger thoughts in their mind. 🙂

  4. Brunilda Digiovanni says:

    Your cats are braver then me, I know I wouldn’t be out in cold weather I am still adjusting to the cold weather here in FloridaI love and miss you guys so much, hope you have a great weekend love sis

    • Well, don’t forget — they’re wearing fur coats! HA! I’m not out in it. I did walk down to the mailbox today but then went right back inside where it’s nice and cozy! Hope you have a great weekend and that you’re enjoying your car! Love and Hugs! 😀

  5. This seems a good opportunity to indeed take out that crocheting you are always talking about and make yourself a warm shawl for the next winter ;o) It is wonderful to have you back again, my dear friend, xo Johanna

  6. DG MARYOGA says:

    It seems that all has started moving smoothly,dear Linda,and everything finds its place.Indeed,time spins rapidly,I cannot believe it’s almost spring.I really like how you recalled all about getting moved in North Georgia,despite the unexpected glitch,and that you didn’t forget to thank the movers;I think they deserved that plug.Lovely the photos of the driveway,the first one has amazing perspective,it is so beautiful with the barren brances,the carpet of the dead leaves and the pretty mailbox with the vine on.
    I’m so glad the CATIO is finished and the kitties can enjoy themselves there.You are going to share wonderful photos with us in the near future.When the weather gets warmer,you’ll have the chance to stroll around the forest and get wonderful nature images.Lovely post in every way,I could also discern a bit of nostalgia;Florida is still in your heart and it will always be.Have a wonderful weekend with your hubbie,Pippin & the cute kitties.Sending you love & hugs as always 🙂 .. xxX ♥

  7. elisa ruland says:

    We were transplanted from the Chesapeake Bay area 20 + years ago, and I will always miss being near the water. Other than that, North Georgia is a wonderful place to live. It will be home before you know it!

    • Thanks, Elisa! I think I’m finally starting to feel it now that the temps are starting to get back up and it seems — at least for now — that winter has gone its merry way! You’re right, though, I will always miss my Florida and its sunshine and beaches. But I’m getting anxious to check out the sights around here soon! Are you in this area now?

  8. Paula says:

    I hope you are getting used to it by now. It seems like a good place to raise pets 🙂

    • Thanks, Paula! My comfort zone ebbs and wanes according to the temps! LOL! The pets are enclosed for safety but the wild ones roam free! So far, we’ve just had the deer but our neighbors had bears in their backyard a while back. That would make me a bit uncomfortable! 😀

  9. Prior-01 says:

    What is a catio?
    And how nice of u to let them use your truck!!!!
    Cool place you live at – and I smiled to read how “ya have to keep some stuff” – so true so true! It is a piece of us and I know folks can purge it all –and I really prune – but some things are a must keep –

    • I’m getting closer to getting my catio post put together. Oh, my, since the weather has cleared up I’ve been spending so much less time on this computer! That’s a good thing because I get some other stuff done but I get so far behind in keeping up with my friends! 😀 ❤

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