One Word Photo Challenge: Bronze

From Jennifer Nichole Wells:  This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Bronze! All photos were taken with my iPhone5.

Deng Zhang (Chinese, 16th Century)
Seated Bodhisattva
Gilt Bronze
Cornell Fine Arts Museum (Rollins College, Winter Park, FL)

Used for a devotional purpose, this Ming-dynasty statue represents a bodhisattva (a Buddhist saintly personage) accompanied by two small mortal figures. Given her crown adorned with a tiny image of Buddha Amitabha, it is most likely Guanyain, a popular bodhisttva of mercy and compassion, but because of the object she holds in her right hand is broken, this figure cannot be firmly identified. If this was Guanyain, she would be carrying a willow branch, a symbol of virtues. The classic seated posture of meditation she assumes is called dhyanasana, a pose with the legs locked in full-lotus formation and the soles of the feet turned upwards. Her hands, holding a small bowl in one hand and an unidentified object in the other, display a gesture of peace called abhaya mudra — the right hand raised with the palm facing forward and fingers pointing up. The two-tiered base decorated with lotus leaves is detachable from the statue, and bears an inscription Deng Zhang (or Teng Chang).

2014-05-10 Buddha_Fotor


Circa 1963 Corvette

2014-03-15 Corvette_Fotor


Albin Polasek (American, born in Czech Republic, 1879-1965)

Mother Crying Over the World
Bronze, 1942
Cornell Fine Arts Museum (Rollins College, Winter Park, FL)

Albin Polasek championed figurative art, and created both large and small sculptures that often possessed mythical, allegorical, and sometimes religious meanings. This somber work was created in response to the suffering caused as a result of World War II. It represents one of the artist’s few sculptures with political implications. Bent over by her grief, the mother holds the sphere and raises her arm to her head as an expression of her pain. After nearly thirty years as the Head of the Department of Sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago, Polasek moved to Winter Park for his retirement in 1949. The Albin Polasek Museum, located nearby in Winter Park, has more than 200 works by the artist. Another version of this work resides in that collection.

2014-05-10 Earth_Fotor


Sunrise over Lake Apopka, Winter Garden, FL

2014-07-12 Sunrise_Fotor


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26 comments on “One Word Photo Challenge: Bronze

  1. Amy says:

    Wow, Circa 1963 Corvette. The bronze Guanyain looks so majestic and Mother Crying Over the World i sush a moving statue. Love the great sunrising capture.

  2. Thanks, Amy. I’m not sure if the Corvette is a 62 or 63 so I used circa! I feel like the Mother Crying sculpture is just as relevant today, sad to say. I appreciate your comments! 🙂

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    What a wonderful collection of bronze Linda. The statue of the mother crying over the world really grabs at one’s heart.

  4. Imelda says:

    Lovely shots of the works of art, with the last being the most beautiful art of all. 🙂 The Mother Statue speaks of the pain in the world today.

  5. Love all of these. Such diverse examples of bronze. Thank you for sharing! I love how the light hits the first figure and that sunset is gorgeous.

    On another note, how do you like the iPhone 5? I went from an iphone 4s to a Galaxy s4 and while I like the battery life and screen size, I miss my iPhone already…

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I really appreciate that! 😀

      As for my iPhone5, I really like it. I went from iPhone 3g to my iP5. I’ve never used an android smartphone! I keep hoping Apple or someone will come out with a great camera with phone capabilities instead of phone with camera! All in good time, I imagine. I hear the iPhone6 will be out in the near future. Not sure yet what will change. I’ve heard good things about the Samsung but I imagine it is quite an adjustment! 🙂

      • It really is an adjustment, and I’m not sold on the camera just yet. Thanks for reviewing the 5 for me 😛 I like hearing about these things from a photography stand point- since I’m with you on preferring a camera with phone capabilities haha.

  6. I so love your look at the world: you think about a word and than you come up with the most amazing associations! Looking at all those different photos and the different emotions that come with it. From moved by the statue of Mother Earth to all excited by that super Corvette.

  7. lumar1298 says:

    Lovely bronze photos… Love the car…

  8. These are wonderful Linda- and I of course love the Buddha! and the mother in grief!

  9. Brenda Burgess says:

    Beautiful pictures you have a great talent sis

  10. rommel says:

    Very fascinating! It’s amazing how they use the postures and what they are carrying to determine their identities.
    Beautiful, beautiful sun shot!

  11. The old corvette in bronze….woohoo!!!!

  12. Paula says:

    I never thought of sunrise scenes as bronze. What brilliant captures Linda! The sunrise one is unmatchable 🙂

    • It’s funny how words can trigger a completely different reaction to something. I never would have thought of that sunrise either but it jumped out when I was searching for bronze! Go figure! 😀

  13. mihrank says:

    great and impressive!

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