Fort Christmas Homes

This will be my final installment on our visit to Fort Christmas park. Below is a sampling of some of the homes and interiors. Enjoy!

2014-06-14 Brown_Fotor


2014-06-14 Ranch_Fotor

2014-06-14 RanchHouse_Fotor

2014-06-14 Yates_Fotor

2014-06-14 YatesHome_Fotor

2014-06-14 Outhouse_Fotor


2014-06-14 Bedroom_Fotor


2014-06-14 Kitchen_Fotor


2014-06-14 Parlor_Fotor


2014-06-14 Piano_Fotor


2014-06-14 Ranch2_Fotor


2014-06-14 SpinningWheel_Fotor




There is a 1930s pavilion, a 1920s ball field, cane mill and syrup kettle (used at the annual Cracker Christmas event in December), a church exhibit, a research library, a turpentine exhibit, textile equipment exhibit, sugar cane patch, post office exhibit, chicken coop, cow camps, vegetable garden, hunting, fishing and trapping exhibit, and a ranching exhibit. Β WHEW!

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28 comments on “Fort Christmas Homes

  1. Gosh, these are amazing It makes me think of how people strive to have more and more and then less and less becomes very appealing. But there was a lot of hardship associated with these homes.

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    Linda i love the photos of the buildings. You have really captured the tour for us very well. Thank you.

  3. quarksire says:

    kewl place πŸ™‚

  4. cindy knoke says:

    Oh I just love the interiors! This gets my imagination going……

  5. rommel says:

    I LOVE the dilapidated looks of the exteriors! Awesome!

  6. Joanne says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. The old outhouse. Now there’s something I will NEVER miss – THAT smell! πŸ™‚

  7. gotta love the outhouse!! But the house is so cozy and warm looking!

  8. mihrank says:

    wow – this is amazing – I enjoyed it!!

  9. Lovely, lovely. And all those pretty items everywhere. I always enjoy going to these kinds of museums, admire the people of the past and their ingenious way of coping. And than…return happily to our modern home with kitchen appliances and real bathrooms ;0)
    Great series of posts!

  10. Amy says:

    Great photos! Such a privilege to visit the place. They are well preserved and beautifully displayed. Thank you so much for the tour, Linda!

  11. AmyRose says:

    These are incredible photographs, Linda! Why am I missing you? It seems you are not in my reader. Isn’t that special? Thank you for the work you put into this post. I really enjoyed it!!!! Love, Amy

    • I don’t think we’re the only ones experiencing the case of the missing posts in the reader, Amy! I’ve noticed ones missing from mine and I’ve read others complaining about the same thing. Ah, technology, ain’t it grand! πŸ™‚

      • AmyRose says:

        Yes, aint it grand! I seem to keep getting the same posts in my reader, and I KNOW I follow MORE then what is showing. And then when someone like you comes along, I am like WHAT???? Yep, techy poo. That is what I say! LOL

  12. Catnip says:

    I would live there, now. Love it .

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