A Word A Week Photograph – Delicate

Once a week Sue dips into her old English Oxford dictionary and picks a word on the page that it falls open at.  The challenge is to post a photograph, poem, story – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.  This week her word is DELICATE.  This past weekend we visited the Fort Christmas Museum at Christmas, Florida. When I saw Sue’s word, I thought of these delicate doilies on display. They were hard to photograph because of the glare on the glass.  The picture was taken using my iPhone5.  The brochure seems to intimate that they’re from some of the early settlers in the 1830s.  I’m thinking that they are tatted. Some more crafty people might know for sure.

2014-06-14 Doilies 1830s_Fotor




23 comments on “A Word A Week Photograph – Delicate

  1. prior says:

    what a perfect photo for the challenge! and I have no idea of what they are – but I love doilies – especially the old ones. When my husband and I were first married – the first bedding set I picked out was the “Battenburg Lace” collection and it was light and classic and just so refreshing. I do not have any traces of lace around anymore – but I saved one pillow form the set and will keep it. 😉

    anyhow, you keep bringing me back to my Florida memories – from Rollins to the rain to now Christmas! and I had a very special friend for a short season in 1992 – and she always drove to Christmas, FL to mail her greeting cards each year.

    anyhow, great photo – and I thought the lighting was fine and was not a distraction. 🙂 ❤

  2. Oh, that Battenburg Lace was gorgeous! Anything else you want to see in Florida? LOL! I’d be happy to try to go take some pictures! Hmm, too bad I never thought about mailing Christmas cards from Christmas. Cute idea. Almost enough to make me get motivated to actually mail out cards this year — almost! Can you believe I have now lived here for 20 years and that was the first time I’ve gone to Christmas? Good grief, I really need to get out more! 😀

  3. DailyMusings says:

    I love old lace, or any handwork. thanks for sharing

  4. Amy says:

    Perfect choice for the delicate, Linda! 1830, very precious.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    They are beautiful, I have several of them, but I never thought in photographing them. Beauty is everywhere.

  6. sueslaght says:

    My Grandma loved to crochet and I have about 30 snowflakes she made me that go on our Christmas tree. Your post reminds me of her which is a very happy memory. 🙂

    • I’m happy that I’ve made you happy! I have a bunch of snowflake patterns I collected a few years ago when I started teaching myself to crochet. It’s probably been a couple of years since I made anything but I actually completed three projects (yes, that is phenomenal for me!). I should start crocheting again. You should try it, too. It’s not that difficult and it can be very relaxing! 😀

      • sueslaght says:

        I may do that one day Linda. My daughter and daughter in law can both crochet as well as my Mom. Apparently the skill skipped a generation 🙂

  7. Imelda says:

    The big one for sure is crocheted. The rest must be crocheted, too, but in that special category called Irish crochet. The latter gives a more lacy effect.

    They are perfect for the challenge in many ways. Old as they are, the threads must be quite fragile now. And of course, the designs are quite delicate.

    • Thanks, Imelda! I was thinking crochet but thought maybe the small might have been tatted. But I can’t tell! I’ll have to check into Irish crochet. I’ve not heard of crochet categories. Very interesting! 🙂

  8. My grandmother used to crochet medallions and after several hundreds of them they became a tablecloth!! My sister has it now!!

  9. So beautiful, and all hand made. Wonderful! 🙂

  10. DG MARYOGA says:

    What a romantic approach for the challenge,dear Linda ! Marvellous lace work and so elegant !
    The lace patterns are so beautiful and classic ! Sending love and hugs, Doda :), xxx

  11. narami says:

    Goodness, those are beautiful! 🙂

  12. notewords says:

    The top two are definitely tatting. The large one on the lower right is crochet.

    I’m not sure about the collar – it just doesn’t look right for crochet, but I can’t say what it is (and I could be wrong ;-). You might try the following link http://laceioli.ning.com/page/intl-old-lacers-inc
    They have all types of lace!

    • Hi! I just knew that part of them had to be tatting. I think of it more as a lost art. I may be wrong, but it seems you don’t see or hear much about it anymore. I see on your blog where you have taken it up. Good for you! I’ll check out that link! Thanks for coming by and commenting! 🙂

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