27 comments on “Daily Post: Extra, Extra

  1. Imelda says:

    And there are even horses to make the point. 🙂

  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    Where did you take this photo if I may ask? 🌝

  3. What car looks like this?!

  4. sueslaght says:

    I don’t know anything about engines but that is quite the paint job!

  5. wow, now this is an interesting engine- green fire horse power! Nicely done!!

  6. prior says:

    great capture – and the person that owns this car must be cool! ha!

    • If they’re at the car show this Saturday I’ll have to talk to them and tell them I posted their engine! I may have to post the whole car one of these times! 🙂

      • prior says:

        oh please do post the whole car if you can – that would be cool. And I actually got a photo of two cars this past week – a 1969 vw bug and an old (redone) Camaro – funny how blogging has me taking photos of cool cars – and well, this cool engine just gets a a gold star – well make that a shiny, green star! ha

        • Sure! I’m not really so much into the hot rods (my hubby loves em) but I do like looking at and photographing some of them. Some are really gorgeous! I just can’t believe the money that goes into it!

      • prior says:

        Oh I know, we have friends that go to the shows and folks drop some bucks on their autos – and well there is a whole community of folks that gather for these shows – and from ym experience (albeit limited) they are some of the happiest folks – and like to talk and talk about their car’s features – so fun.

  7. lumar1298 says:

    Cool motor and so bright and green…

  8. Why?Matters! says:

    Wow that is cool!

  9. DG MARYOGA says:

    OM ! What an originative post for the challenge,dear Linda ! The little painted horses nicely intensify the concept !!! Big hugs, Doda 🙂 , xxx

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