Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge: Sketch

 Week 7 of the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge hosted by weliveinaflat and firebonnet

This challenge asks you to (1) share a good photo that you took or edited last week, (2) run it through a photo app on your smartphone or mobile device and share with us the result. We’re back to the theme of Art effects this week – Sketch effects

Parrot sketch

Camera360 App


Original – iPhone5


45 comments on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge: Sketch

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Oooooh! I have never done this and it looks awesome!

  2. Imelda says:

    Ah, what a cool app. Your shot was pretty to begin with. 🙂

  3. ventisqueras says:

    very nice, and beautiful color
    giorno felice

  4. sueslaght says:

    That effect worked very well! Do you do a lot of that type of editing?

    • Thanks! I still consider myself quite a notice at any kind of photo editing — gosh, a novice at any kind of photo taking! But some of the free apps/software I’ve downloaded can create such a different looking photo. This was easy in Camera360 as there is a filter for “sketch”. I must admit it feels a little like cheating. But I don’t have a clue how to use those more detailed programs like photoshop or GIMP! So, in answer to your question, I don’t do a lot of that type of editing! 😉 Usually it’s pretty much what you see is what you get. LOL!

  5. gpcox says:

    I don’t have the equipment (not even a smart phone) but I enjoy what you’ve done with it.

  6. Amy Pinkrose says:

    OH, wowo!!! Linda, fantastic job! I think I know how to do this on PS but not sure. But man, you nailed it and I hope you win!!! Love, Amy

    • Thanks, Amy. I see, you’re way ahead of me in photo editing knowledge. I don’t have PS; I downloaded GIMP which is supposed to be somewhat similar. Can’t seem to figure the thing out! 🙂

      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Oh, between you and me, Linda. I cannot figure out Adobe Photoshop so I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. Basically they do both the same, except PS is so darn HARD to use it makes my eyeballs spin. I am not a professional photographer, and no one taught me how to do any editing. I highly recommend Photoshops Elements SIX. That is the one I use. I bought 3 books to help me along as well. Reading the reviews on newer versions of Elements, there was a lot of negative feedback and many were sorry they changed. So many of these programs are so darn hard … I can’t even figure out how to do the simple editing. WHY must these people make these programs so hard? Grrrrrr …. BUT!!!! What I mentioned here about Photoshop Elements 6, I LOVE!!! If you want any recommendations as to books, etc …. ring my doorbell. You know my address. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

        • Oh, Amy, you must excuse me but I couldn’t help but chuckle while reading your comment! It was like you were taking stuff straight out of my head! Maybe one of these days I’ll spring the $100 or so on some fancy photo editing software but I’m not there yet! I figure if I can’t figure out GIMP which is free, I’m not ready for the big time! HAHA!

        • Amy Pinkrose says:

          But that is the beauty of Photoshop Elements 6. It is cheap because it is “outdated”. I got mine with another program for hubs on Amazon for $99. Alone I think I would have paid $45 so his program is actually more expensive then mine.

          I have a couple of freebies I have on my iPad if you are interested. The one I use all the time but I still prefer my Elements. This photography stuff can get seriously expensive! I still have my long range lense to buy (75-300mm) with Polar Density Filter and that baby all by itself is going to cost me dearly. I have a cheapie tripod that I am working with and someday I would like a better one. Then there is the remote device for taking pics on the tripod without touching the camera. Then I think I will be set. I could go on and on, believe me, but I will not be running after all this expensive equipment when I have a family and responsibilities. For years I worked with cheap lenses, and now that I have quality lenses, they are like gold to me. OH, one more thing. I need a hood for my lenses to prevent cracking or breakage. I don’t think that item is too steep. It is the lense and the filter that is sky high! But, if I take care of them, and yes I know how to, they will last me a life time.

          So when you are ready to take the plunge, let me know. I will be more then willing to help you. (((HUGS))) Amy

        • Slow and steady wins the race! I know, it’s an old cliche. But, hey, if it works! 😉 You’ll get the pieces you need and you’re like me. When you finally get something like that, you’ll take care of it! My husband thinks it’s kind of funny because I have some things that NO ONE is allowed to use but me. I said I’m not being selfish. Experience has shown that if I open them up to everyone’s use, something always happens to it! So, one for me, one for them! LOL! I suppose I learned that from my mother. When I was little, she would buy two dolls, give me one to play with and store the other one (she said I could have it when I was grown up). Boy, was she right! I don’t have the ones I played with anymore, but I have the ones she saved! Well, I’m rambling. Later, sweet lady! 🙂

        • Amy Pinkrose says:

          Oh, Linda!!! I’m the same way!!! My camera is mine. It’s not selfish. I just know how I handle her. My camera equipment is mine as well. I clean it and care for it all. I waited a long time for these expensive lenses and an expensive camera, so I cherish them. When the time is right, I’ll be able to get the other accessories as well. I do have a cheap 75-300mm lense right now, and with the tricks I have learned from editing, I could use this with excellent results.

          So, I am by no means in dire straights. LOL Hey, and it is way OK to ramble once in a while. We work hard to do what we bloggers do, and it is SO nice to have a meaningful conversation like this. This really meant a lot to me, Linda, and I really thank you!!! You have a great evening!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  7. DailyMusings says:

    beautiful both ways!

  8. Sonel says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Linda. Well done! 😀

  9. DG MARYOGA says:

    Oh,so efficiently done Linda !!! Wondrous app,perfect outcome !!!
    ((( hugs ))) and ♥♥♥ , Doda

  10. I like how the colors in the bird stand out. Very cool.

  11. FireBonnet says:

    What a great shot to start out with… all that textural detail in the background makes for a great sketch. I really like how the bird pops out in the drawing… great choice in app for this challenge! (sorry it took so long for me to visit!)

    • Thanks, Meg! No apologies necessary! I actually have to do some ignored work and will probably fall behind in my postings and visits! Glad you enjoyed! 🙂

      • I like that the filter brightens up the parrot and gave the wing feathers more structure 🙂 It definitely pops out of the contrasting green background as Megan says. Thanks for sharing with us, Linda! 😉

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  13. Wow! I love the photograph Linda, but the sketch effect takes the image to a completely different level-very beautiful-this worked really well for this week’s challenge!

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