7 comments on “A Lingering Look at Windows

  1. Y. Prior says:

    Really beautiful! the trapeze artists in the first photo are interesting (is that real or is it sculpture?) – and the circle building is cool – 🙂 ~y.

    • Thanks for the visit and compliment! The trapeze artists are a sculpture in the lobby atrium of the SunTrust bank building in downtown Orlando. The circle building used to be the Orlando Utilities Co. I’m not sure if it’s going to be torn down or saved. 🙂

      • Y. Prior says:

        well thanks for the follow up – and how cool to have that sculpture. I actually used to live in and around Orlando (20 years ago!!!) and I do not remember much from downtown – just the Omni (my mother used to have meetings there) and the Church Street area, which at the time was just shutting down – anyhow, enjoyed your Orlando windows very much.

        • Downtown has definitely changed in the last 20 years! I hadn’t been back downtown for a few years myself and was surprised! I’m just curious. Did you leave the sunshine state?

  2. How did you get that first shot? It is magnificent!

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