Photo-Editing Challenge: Shadows and/or Reflections

This is week 10 of Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge.  This week’s theme is Shadows and/or Reflections.  This is the first time I’ve joined in Sonel’s challenge. When she listed shadows I immediately thought of a photo that I took earlier this week with my new Nikon D3200 at Leu Gardens in Winter Park, FL.  Since I haven’t learned how to  manually use my settings, I turned the dial to the macro setting and let the camera do its thing!

Original, unretouched

Original, unretouched

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t.

Blaise Pascal
Edited with PhotoToaster Jr. App

Edited with PhotoToaster Jr. App

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14 comments on “Photo-Editing Challenge: Shadows and/or Reflections

  1. I love your shadow pics, Linda Love the edit! Both photos are really beautiful.

  2. Sonel says:

    What a beautiful shot Linda and great shadows too! I also love the editing effect you applied!
    Thanks so much for this lovely entry and for taking part hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

  3. Flora Poste says:

    What else is there to say: simply beautiful!

  4. I love the affect. Beautiful, and the quote. 😀

  5. Amy says:

    How cool!!! Great photo, great re-touching, Linda!

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