You are not forgotten!

It was just brought to my attention a little while ago that today is National Pet Memorial Day. I just couldn’t let today go by without paying tribute to the many four-legged companions I have had the privilege of spending time with throughout my life. Each contributed so much to my life. As difficult as it always is to say goodbye and let go, I would not trade that time with each of them for anything. When I think of my animals, I am always reminded of the poem, The Rainbow Bridge. I’m a firm believer that all animals go to heaven (not just dogs!). In order of their demise:



Happy was the first dog I had. I was about three years old. I remember my Dad coming home with a puppy and saying he was for me. Interestingly enough, if memory serves (old conversations when I was older) I believe it was his birthday! But for whatever reason, I named him Happy and for ten years he was my constant companion and playmate.



Gigi was a funny-looking little scrap of a dog. I kept asking my parents if I could get a dog. It had been about two or three years since I lost Happy. My parents kept saying no, we didn’t need a dog. But, being the obstinate child that I am (yes, I said am, not was), I took my $5 I had saved up, took a bus across town to look at some puppies that were in the paper. The rest, as they say is history. My parents got over their mad and let me keep her. Of course, she ended up becoming more of my Dad’s dog than mine! But only because I was a teenager and we all know how that goes!



Well, after I had been out on my own for a while, I decided I wanted another dog. I was going to go looking for a Mastiff. Then I saw an ad for Great Dane puppies. I went, I saw, I bought. Another good choice! He was not only my best friend, but was an excellent protector! I trained him well (obedience – he didn’t need to be trained for protection, that comes naturally to dogs). It was always interesting to see people’s reactions to him whether we were walking down the street or he was hanging out the side window of my VW Beetle!

PUNKIN (YorkiPoo) POOKI (B&W Party Poodle)

PUNKIN (YorkiPoo)
POOKI (B&W Party Poodle)

Years later, I just had to fill that void again. I was living in Dallas at the time. I saw an ad for Poodles and Poodle mixes so I went to look. I did not know what a Party Poodle was but it was love at first sight. I named her Pooki. After about six months, I started feeling guilty about her being by herself during the day while I was at work, so I went back to the lady and bought Pooki a companion. A little Yorki-Poo I named Punkin. More loves of my life!



This is a baby picture of George. I had never owned a cat in my entire life. Suddenly I had three. George was brother to Midge (still living) and Zuzu.



I had to include little Bug. He wasn’t with us a long time. He was one of those cats that showed up out of nowhere and just decided he was going to keep us. We fed and cared for him but he did not like staying in the house so, much to our chagrin, we let him come and go.



Moxie came as brother to Charlie and Freckles who were recently spotlighted on an earlier post. Both he and Charlie had urinary tract issues as young kittens. We were able to save Charlie (he is the most expensive animal I have) but Moxie did not make it.



We lost Bobby two summers ago to cancer. Bobby a/k/a Psycho. There is something so very special about Boston Terriers. But then I say that about every animal. His passing is still fresh.



My little (really big) kitty. She was part of the trio that were the very first cats I ever owned. She was so loving. She passed away last summer and the pain of her passing, too, is still fresh.

I still miss each of my little friends and I look forward to the day we are all together again.

23 comments on “You are not forgotten!

  1. Rosemarie says:

    What a lovely tribute. Our pets are special family members.

  2. That was a wonderful tribute to the animals in your life.

  3. your life is filled with so much love and animals that colour it all the way through!

  4. cindy knoke says:

    Oh you were so adorable & so were your pets! I want a mastiff someday. I love this post. Well. I love all your posts……

  5. Great tribute to our best friends on the Earth.

  6. Flora Poste says:

    What a lovely tribute, your animals are so lucky with you! And you were (ops still are;0)) an adorable girl.

  7. David says:

    Very nice tributes to all of your furry ones. It must have been sight to see Mr. Caesar in a VW Beetle.

  8. Thanks, David. It was that. I just wish I had some pictures of it!

  9. This is wonderful. Being a pet lover I view them as family too. I nominated you for a versatile blogger award, I wanted to say thank you!

  10. I really enjoyed reading through this tribute.

  11. Heartafire says:

    I have a brown Boston, this is a Boston Terrier no?

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