A Word A Week Challenge: Distant

Coming in a bit late this week with this but I thought it might be fun. I’ve been spending my week training for my new home-based job and trying to do some genealogy research and writing for a new entry.

Sue’s challenge this week is Distant. Please check out her blog A Word in Your Ear to learn more.

These are from a trip we made to Temple Square of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2009. The pictures were taken with my old iPhone 3Gs and are unedited other than size. The photos were taken from the 26th floor of the Church Office Building.





2 comments on “A Word A Week Challenge: Distant

  1. Flora Poste says:

    Dear Linda, Beautiful shots as ever! I have never been in Utah and it intrigues me to see this green city and than the brown dry(?) mountains i the background.
    Good luck on your training! Johanna

    • Utah is an amazing state. The beauty is unsurpassed. The northern part is completely different than the southern part of the state. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you can somehow start at the Grand Canyon and work your way north to the Idaho border! 🙂

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