Sunday Afternoon at Lake Apopka

Well, while waiting on some genealogy documents to come in for an ancestor post I’m working on, I decided I’d go ahead and post some photos I took last weekend when we walked down to Lake Apopka. I will say that it was sooo hot! I guess the afternoon is not the time to go walking in Central Florida! It was a beautiful day but, as usual at this time of year, the weather was having a tough time deciding when to rain. It didn’t start up until later in the afternoon. I was hoping this trip to catch some gators — well, not really “catch” any, but get some better photos. I did. I still think these are very young ones because they’re not real big. Of course, they’re much bigger than I’d ever want to come face to face with!

So, here you go. I hope you enjoy!

dock 2

Heading out the pier to take some photos. Halfway to the end we saw the following…

gator 2

gator 3

And they saw us. Oh, they were really playing it cool.


The only bird that landed on the pier while we were at the end. I have no idea what kind it is.

lake 4

Just sitting on one of the benches at the end of the pier enjoying the view!

lake 5

Okay, it’s too hot for man and beast. We’re outta here!

13 comments on “Sunday Afternoon at Lake Apopka

  1. Flora Poste says:

    Beautiful photos! I guess, despite the heat, with those beasties swimming around, you do not put your bare feet in the water to cool down;0)
    I think the bird is a tern.
    Thanks for great post, Linda.

    • Thanks, Johanna. I’ll stick to cooling down in the swimming pool — I can see everything that’s in there! 🙂 I just looked up Tern. I think you’re exactly right! So, now we know.

  2. These are lovely–and scary!

  3. Sheryl says:

    What a scenic spot!

    • It wasn’t always. When we first came here, it was a “dead” lake. Those in charge around here have worked very hard bringing it back to life. Now it’s a great place to picnic and/or just kick back and relax!

      • Sheryl says:

        Wow, I never would have guessed that it once was a “dead lake.” It looks like they have been amazingly successful in bringing it back to life.

        • Yeh, it’s amazing. When we first moved here 17 years ago, it was dead. Signs warning to stay out of the water, fish and plant life dead. It was a mess. They got very serious about restoring it and now it’s beautiful. Filled with fish and plant life, birds, gators, you name it. Boating. It’s very nice!

  4. Love those shots of them gators! What a lovely spot to spend a day-

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