The Farmers Market


Saturday morning and not a whole lot going on. We certainly didn’t feel like doing much work around the house! So, we decided to go ahead and walk down to the Farmers Market. We didn’t even need anything. Well, I did want to get some more local honey. Not to mention that I wanted to play with my new iPhone 5 camera. I’m not real happy with my pictures yet. I still want to learn how to edit and do different things with the pictures. Right now it’s just point and shoot! I discovered that the zoom on my camera phone wasn’t working properly. It kept cutting off part of the picture, as you can see above. After we got back home, I went online to see if I could figure out if it was me or the camera. I didn’t want to go all the way across timbuktu to go to the Apple Store. But it seems like it has turned out to be a simple fix. I rebooted and that seems to have corrected whatever was wrong. Go figure. I keep forgetting these smartphones are minicomputers! So now I’ll just have to play some more with my camera phone! So, here’s a sampling of our trip to the Farmers Market in beautiful downtown Winter Garden, Florida. The nicest part is that it runs year round on every Saturday morning!

The walk to town

The walk to town

We got a late start. We headed out probably around 11:00 am. The sun was shining even though it was supposed to be a rainy day. But that came later! The temperature was around the mid-80’s and it was humid. Silly me, of course it was humid. It’s Florida during hurricane season. Sigh…! Anyway, it was still a beautiful morning!

Downtown facing East from Lakeview Ave

Downtown facing east. A number of years ago there used to be 22 miles of railroad tracks. Those were torn up and the West Orange Trail  for biking and hiking was created. You can read more about the Trail by clicking here. Yes, that’s part of the Trail running through the center of downtown.

Downtown looking west

Downtown looking west

Another view of the Trail and downtown, this time facing West!

Downtown Water Park

Downtown Water Park

Almost any day of the week (that it’s not raining!), you can see parents and their kids playing in the water fountains. The City installed this just a few years ago. You can see part of the new City Hall building in the background, center right side. The big white building.

Getting Started

Getting Started

You can find all sorts of things for sale at the Farmers Market. Not just produce. There are plants for sale, artists ply their jewelry and artwork. There are pasta vendors, nuts vendors, and bakery breads and sweets. There are company vendors such as organic, holistic pet supplies, massage therapy, herbs, aromatherapy oils, etc. Oh, I almost forgot, the hula hoop vendor, and so much more!


There are smaller vendors of produce.


We buy our local honey from our friend, Paul Allison (yellow shirt). He has all different yummy flavors! You can buy from his website, too. Click here.


The pavilion is where the main produce is located. It’s nice because it’s covered, it’s shady and it’s cooler. There are tables set up on either end for those who wish to sit and eat — or just sit!

And there is always music and entertainment throughout the morning with plenty of chairs to kick back, relax and enjoy! By the way, this is my first ever video on my new phone. Another first is that I had to upload it to YouTube to be able to embed it here. My goodness, I’m learning so many new things. Perhaps I should seek employment in the IT field. HA!

storm's brewin

Uh, oh, definitely time to start heading home. The storm clouds are beginning to gather. I don’t mind walking in the rain but around here my concern is the lightning. But we made it home safe and dry. In fact, it was probably still another hour before the rains finally came down! Then, of course, it was nap time!!

21 comments on “The Farmers Market

  1. Flora Poste says:

    Great post: I enjoyed looking over your shoulder on the Saturday morning! And some live music as well…thanks,Johanna

  2. It looks like you had a beautiful day and you know I love Farmer’s Markets. 😉

  3. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. At another time I’d like to tell you about a family project that I’ve been researching. Thanks again.

  4. What a great neighbourhood, so nice to see where you live. I love the photo of the tomatoes, I’d buy loads of them 🙂

  5. Linda, what a lovely post! I’d love to go there. Can you tell me how you put your name on all the photos, too? I’ve been wanting to do that, but am not sure how to do it just like you.

  6. Thanks, Luanne! I’m sending you an email with a link to the website. It’s a free download!

  7. It’s a great Florida town. Wish it were a bit closer to SWFL. Great pictures!

  8. Sheryl says:

    I enjoyed your trip to the farmer’s market. The pictures almost made we feel like I was there. I haven’t gone to a farmer’s market yet this year. I’ve got to do it this week-end.:)

    • Thanks Sheryl! If there’s one where you live, go check it out. I’ve found that the local produce is so much better tasting than store bought. And I would dare to say probably a lot healthier!!

  9. What a wonderful market! Ours is nice, but not nearly the variety you have. Thank you for sharing your outing. And keep playing with the phone-you will be amazed what you can do once you get comfortable with its capabilities-I had no idea I would come to use mine as much as I do-and thank you too for visiting Little Dogs Laughed-Jack Henry, Anna and Hubble appreciate you visiting!

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