Only Wrong Once!


 It just goes to show that sometimes you can be too close to something to actually see it.

I believe this article about my parents came out in the Toledo Blade sometime late in 1958. Reporters for the the Blade were always passing through Van Wert, Ohio and, for some inexplicable reason, often found our family newsworthy.

I still have the bracelet and earrings that match the necklace Mom is wearing. Oh, what I wouldn’t give! Even as a child, I loved playing with her jewelry. But that’s another story!

When I reread this article, I just noticed for the first time that there is a misprint. Guess it got past the reporter, editor, typesetter, etc.! See what happens when one of your jobs has been as a proof reader? I’d better not say too much, though. I’m sure I would run across my own misprints if I were to review my entries.

8 comments on “Only Wrong Once!

  1. Sheryl says:

    What a fun newspaper article! It’s awesome that you still have jewelry that matches what your mother was wearing in the photo.

  2. Mark G. Welker says:

    Gee, what a great set of articles. I am from a farm near Van Wert. My wife graduated from Van Wert High School in 1959. We can relate to your stories.

    We now live in Boulder, CO

    • Thanks, Mark! I’m glad you enjoyed them! 1959 sounds about the time my sister-in-law graduated (maybe a year or two earlier). Maybe your wife knew her — Carol Hesher (her younger sister was Judy).

      • Mark G. Welker says:

        If I did my math correctly, her younger sister (Judy) was a year ahead of my wife. Do you recall when the Marsh Hotel closed as a hotel.

        I had a York High School class reunion there (after it closed) sometime in the ’60s as I recall. Most likely ’68 (10 years for me). It could have been ’73.

        • I don’t remember when it actually closed. I asked my brother who is still in VW. He does remember them trying to turn it into apartments but that it did not work out. He just doesn’t remember when either. I remember hearing it was used for meetings and such for a while but can’t put a date on it.

        • Mark G. Welker says:

          One other factoid about your home in Van Wert. It was a Lincoln Highway Marker.

          “The LINCOLN HIGHWAY POSTS are original markers for the first intercontinental highway that ran from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. This ‘Main Street of the Nation’ ran through Van Wert County and was opened June 10, 1914. The official red-white-blue marker was affixed to the Hotel Marsh building which said: ‘Hotel Marsh, Van Wert, Ohio: New York, 719 miles, San Francisco, 2,670 miles.'”

        • Very cool! As strange as it sounds, I miss that place. But it was definitely a different time! 🙂 Thanks for the link; I’ll check it out.

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